How to add a Logo to every Video of your YouTube Channel

Rahul Bodana
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Everyone Loves branded Items Didn’t we the Same concept also applied on Website , Twitter account and Even YouTube channels too . If you are one of them who are using the Google’s this most entertaining  Service to upload the Videos then You also need to Upload a small logo in the bottom of your video .

But add a logo to each and every Uploaded video is a very time Consuming process . Here you will learn How to add Watermark to all of your Videos of YouTube Channel.

Most of internet users Used it for entertainment and some other use it to sharing something to others . Creating a YouTube channel is not a lengthy tasks , managing and make it perfect is very Difficult.

How to add YouTube logo to each Video

Would you also like to add a branding logo to all of your YouTube Channel videos then you are Right place . Here i will share each and every steps to Creating the Watermark and Upload it to your channels.

How to Add channel logo on YouTube videos:-
  1. First at all You have to YouTube homepage By visiting and choose “My Channel” after Login to your account.
  2. On the upper right corner you can see a Profile icon click on click on creator Studio option under this icon.
  3. Click on your profile picture at the top right of the page.and the click the gear icon to go to the setting page.
  4. The Dashboard and setting page will be open , Find the channel option on Left hand side & click on it.
  5. Some new options will be appear including Branding Choose branding.
  6. Now You can add a Short logo , Watermark in the bottom right Corner which will be applied to all videos once you save it.
  7. Upload the Image that you already create using any Photo Editor apps.
  8. You can select where will it appear to starting , To whole , to ending or the customize time.

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Its a just a another step to create a brand image of yours in the Eyes of Your Viewers & Subscribers.

Stay tuned for more update.

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