Best Vr Games for Android Smartphone that EveryOne must Play


Android is the most Popular Operating system for the Mobile smartphone and So far Its going to become on of the best Plateform to play games. Specially after the arriving of Vertual reality headset there is thousands of Android Vr games is launched on Google play store. In this yet another Blog post we are Going to introduce you with the latest and the best VR games for Android Smartphone that you must play once in youe Life.

Best Vr games for Android

Mobile gaming is Huge market and there is already millions of App available and launching each and every day. If you ever use the Vr gear then you know that what is Vertual reality and how can Vr games provides almost Near real life expriance in Gaming and videos.

If you are Searching for the best Vertual Reality Games for Android then this Post is for you.

Here in this Article i am Going To provide you the Android Vr games that you will love.

So just Get ready with your VR Headset

Here is the Complete list of Games for Android Smartphone that you will Love.

1Minos StarFighter Vr

Minos StarFigter Vr is one of the most Downloaded Mobile application since the Vr Trend is started. Its an Space based Shooter mobile games which you can Play using your Vr and BlueTooth controller.

2Galaxy Vr

Just like the the Minos StarFighter Vr this is also another Space based shooter game which combines the FPS Shooter experinace. Its also include multiple types of battle which keeps you engaged in This Android VR game.

3Chair in A Room

Its Mystery kind of Mobile game which is not stay near like Previous 2 shooting games. This game has dark story line which makes it amazing to play.

4InMind Vr

What if i will say that you can Travel inside human Mind just by platying the Mobile game. Atleast InMind game is works on the Same concept, Its the most popular Vr game in its own Genere. In a reality this is arcade Shooting Game where players have to level up the Brain looking Abnormalities.


Its a Very Good Shooter game which is available in Android market for Android smartphone users. In HardCode players have to play as the Third Person perspective. Here players can play as Single play mission or Tthe multiplayer missions online according to their choice.

Have any other Android Vr game in your Mind? You can mention it in Comment section.

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