How to cancel Jio phone pre booking to Get 500 rs back to Your pocket

Here you know How to Cancel Jio Pre Booked Mobile Phone to get Rs 500 Back to your pocket. If you are one of those users who read Jio Phone terms and Conditions and not satisfied by the terms that Jio 4G phone have. But by mistake book this Featured phone then here in this post i’ll show you how to Get your Full Jio phone refund when you don’t wants to pay additional 1000 rs to carry this handset from nearest Jio store. Here i’ll show you how to cancel jio phone pre booking Process works?

How to cancel jio phone pre booking phone? if you are also one of them Who done the prebooking of this mobile phone by visiting Jio.Com But after few days you realize that this phone is Not for You. We understand that if you are Heavy internet user then you will not Find this phone suitable. This mobile device is perfect for those who don’t wants to pay 5000 rs to get a phone but still wants to use 4G and wants to watch TV online on mobile phone.

After the announcement of Mukesh ambani this device already create buzz in market. Everyone thinks the same, How can someone offers 4G enabled mobile phone at rs 1500 only. Well we also have t understand that kind of offers is not comes without special Terms and condition. Here you can read the Jio 4G phone terms & Conditions.

According to their So called terms and condition They are Giving this phone to users on Rent. Yes you read it right. Customers who purchase the mobile phone will not be owner of JioPhone. Instead of customers RGM will owns the all right of mobile phone. Company secure the right to get back this phone from you whenever they wants. However we also have to know that its practically impossible to get each and Every phone without users wish from them.

So what the plan actually?

As per the announcement they will offers you phone and you will Get your phone after 3 years of uses. But did you know that its Necessary to initiate 153 rs recharge per month otherwise you are No illegible to get your 1500 rs back after 3 years. There is some others Conditions also but we can’t explain each of every term is here.

How to cancel jio phone pre booking

The one line answer of this Question is “You can’t “.

At least according to current scenario you can’t  Cancel jio pre booked mobile and there is no way to cancel jio phone pre booking. But wait .. there is Few alternatives that you can Try out-

  1. You can Transfer it to someone who really wants to Buy this phone. Just provide your pre booking details to them, Get 500 rs from him/Her and tell them to collect Jio Phone from the Store by paying additional 1000 rs. I bet you will find at least 3 to 7 person within an hour who wants to buy this phone but can’t do because pre booking is done and we don’t know Next Jio Phone Pre booking date.
  2. You can collect this phone by paying Additional 1000 rs From Jio store and Sell to someone who wants to Buy this phone.

So that the Process and the Answer for How to cancel jio phone pre booking for Right now. If you wants to ask Something then you can ask in Comment section.

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