Jio Wi-Fi device – How To Reset / Change Jio Wi-Fi password

Reset / Change Jio Wi-Fi password :-  Reliance jio launched New Wi-Fi hostpot. If you forget jio wi fi password or system encounters any error, So, You need to reset or Chang Jiofi to restore settings factory default. So, I am going to tell how to reset jio Wi Fi Password. follow this easy steps. 

Jiofi also provide hardware Reset button that help consumers to full Reset Jiofi in case of users forget login information or WiFi information and system fulfills any software failure. Resetting Jiofi is extremely straightforward but little catchy. Each WiFi Router includes Hardware Reset button that normally placed over apparatus with a icon indicating RESET button performance.

In case of users forget the password of Jiofi or then just wants to change it to new one we have to Head over to jiofi.local.html by using our Jio WiFi internet connection.This page can be connected from any computer/Mobile phone which is connected to JioNet reset Jiofi to restore settings factory default. By visiting this page and Following the right steps we can easily reset Jiofi.

The jiofi.local.html settings accessible from the box. Users may experiences system failure or have to recover login info to get WiFi Router in functioning manner. This guide will surely helps them out.

The Jio Fi2 hotspot device is a wireless connect multiple devices. But to set this all up, you will need to search for SSID or the network ID using Wi-Fi on either a smartphone or a PC.

Change Jio Wi-Fi password

First of all, required jio user name and password, The username and the password for every JioFi hotspot device very important and printed underneath the battery or box down. So, How to Reset or Chang jioFi Password, Follow This Steps.

How To Reset / Change Jio Wi-Fi password :-

  1. Jio WiFi On After, Now open your pc and Go to Wi-fi connect option & select jio fi  device.
  2. Now Enter user name and enter jio Wi Fi password, and connect the JioFi device to your PC or smartphone.
  3. Now open the browser and Now type URL – http://jiofi.local.html.
  4. Click on log in button, and now enter users name & Enter password as administration.
  5. Now you can change the Wi-Fi settings.
  6. Click on setting options and you will find wifi tab.
  7. Now you can change the SSID name, wifi password, and mode of the channel.
  8. Now enter new user name and Select new password and click on apply.
  9. And Now click on apply button.
  10. Now completed jio Wi FI setting.

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Reset or Change jio wi Fi password using Reset button.

  1. First of all, Remove jio Wi Fi Back cover.
  2. Now check reset WPS button.
  3. Check a small ‘tunnel’ near Reset.
  4. A small button is located at the end of Tunnel.
  5. Now push on reset button.

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