Clan games coc : Clash of the Clan Games is all on the Way

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Clash of the Clans is one of the most Popular mobile game which is available for Android & iOS Smartphone. As per the Latest update from official Blog that we receive that Clan games coc Clash of the Clan Games is all on the Way where The Villages, roads (and quite a lot of troops) have been papered with in regards to the new Clan Video games. And an odd blue caravan has been sighted. As per the Latest blog post from the official blog the more games in on the Way. But this time this time troops don’t have to Play the games.

Clan games coc : Clash of the Clan Games is all on the Way

Rumor has it Clan members might want to work collectively within the Video games to finish challenges AND there shall be new treasures to be gained. So this is the amazing chance where the all of the Clan members can Collect the attractive rewards by participating the new games. Hypothesis is mounting amongst our troops about what these challenges could be. So that why here in this article we will listed the all those challenges which players will be faced under the Clan games Coc.

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Challenges under the Clan games

  1. 2 legends race.
  2. Egg and Spoon Race.
  3. Sack race : No swords is allowed here.
  4. Skipping.

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Points to remember

  • You may have to staff up along with your Clan Mates to finish completely different challenges
  • Starting from multiplayer assaults in Dwelling Village, to Versus Battles in Builder Base.
  • The Points that you gather from your individual accomplished duties will rely in direction of a shared Clan Level pool

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