Digicop App download : Review, How to use for Android Smartphone

Digicop is an mobile application which is actully launched by the Chennai city police department . Digicop App download can be done via Visiting the Google playstore. Here in this blog post i am going to show you the complete information, Review and how to use This application in for Android smartphone.

You just have to read this post and follow this step by step tutorial to get work done.

Here is the complete procedure that you need to follow to Digicop App download for Android Smartphone.

Here on this Plateform the users will be also able to share the footage, Photos of any illegal activity that going arround them.

According to the Actor Vijau sethupathi this is created for Make police department people friendly.


According to the news updates this is also helps those Who purchase the mobile phone from the second hand shop. This will verify that the mobile phone is stolen or not. There is list and information of the 18000 lost and stolen mobile phone is listed in this Application.

It verify all those data just with the help of IMEI number. Users also have the power to report the lost Wheeler’s and mobile phones to the nearest police station.

How to download Digicop App for Android

  1. First you have to visit the Download page of this app on the Google play store. Here is the direct link which will redirect you to Google play store.
  2. You will see blue Install button you just have to tap on the install button once the install button is clicked then it will take only few seconds to done the installation procedure in your smartphone.
  3. Once the Application is installed successfully in your mobile phone then you have to login, If you are an old user. If you are an new user then you first have to Signup before login.

So that’s how you can download and use the Digicop mobile app. If any other Question pops up in your mind regarding this mobile application then you just have to mention in the comment section and we promise that we helps you out as soon as possible.

Digicop app is an Awesome app that allows you to connect Law enforcement of your city in few simple clicks. What’s you think about this App? you can share your review, Feedback and opinion in the comment section.


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