How to Download YouTube Videos without any app, Software or Website?

Rahul Bodana
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Download YouTube Video – Well,  i am Damn sure after reading this article you didn’t need to Download any external Tools including mobile app. Computer software of YouTube Video downloading Website to Download videos from YouTube. Here in this yet another blog post of Apptricker, i am going to show you how any individual can Download YouTube Videos With No External Tools, Extensions, Apps & Software. This is pretty straightforward method which helps you to Download Videos from your computer browsers it shelf.

Download YouTube VideoDownloading YouTube videos in Video or in audio format is one of the most simple thing anyone do by using internet. There is lots of Mobile applications, Websites, Chrome extensions, Firefox extensions is available online that helps the same. But the problem with these kind of tool is they will show you too much annoying ads which can be irritating for some users. Yes there is lots of tools available that assist you download YouTube videos in your device locally. But the most Annoying if you’re affected by the incessant ads, there is also chances that the site will also install spyware/Malware/Ransom ware via downloading file in your system. Few month ago YouTube offline feature also launch but this Doesn’t add any value.

So the most secure way is Download Videos directly from YouTube website.

But how?

Well the answer of this Question is very easy but for this we have apply a dumb little trick.

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Download Videos from YouTube by using Developers tool

Did you know about the developer tool? For those who don’t know about it, Developers tool is basically a option in Your modern desktop browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox. In Google Chrome its know as Inspect element option which can be accessed via left click and Selecting this option

If YouTube.Com is blocked by your ISP or Government of your country then this method will not works for you instead of using Developer console you can try Best YouTube Downloader to save local copy of any YouTube video in your device.

Download YouTube Videos Directly with Browser

Ready to Download Videos from YouTube directly without any third party software, Website, Mobile application then you have to follow this Quick guide.

  1. You can use any Modern computer browser which have Developers console inbuilt, Since this feature not available in all browsers my personal suggestion is using Google chrome or Mozila Firefox for this task.
  2. First Go too the Video page which you wants to download.
  3. Open the developers tool in your browser. In Google chrome this option can be opened Via Right Click then click on inspect option. You can navigate to this tool in Firefox by Ctrl + Shift + Q button on keyboard.
  4. Now we have to click o media tool which is appear under network tab, In the page you can see all of the HTTP Request. Point the cursor on Try searching MP4 if you get 0 result then you can Try searching Video to download Video.
  5. If you looking to Download just Audio/Mp3 File then you can search using Audio or MP3 keyword.
  6. If you found the complete URL of the video then just Copy iy.
  7. Paste the URL in other tab’s address bar but remember to remove range parameter.
  8. That’s it the Downloading will be start Automatically.

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I’ll create a video soon on this trick till then you can stay tuned for hacks like this. By applying this procedure its become very easy to download Videos directly from YouTube without any Tool/Extensions/Software/Website or Mobile application for Android/iOS/Windows.

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