Facebook DownVote button will comes very Soon Will Work just like YouTube dislike


Facebook DownVote button will comes very Soon Will Work just like YouTube dislike

Facebook DownVote button is Under construction and Facebook is working on this Concept. Very soon we will be able to Dislike any users post just by Tapping DownVote button. This upcoming brand new button will just works like the Dislike button of YouTube where Viewers are able to Show that they not like Video just by tapping on it.

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Facebook which is World’s most popular Social networking site never have any option like this. However in last year they Added new button’s (Alternative to like) i.e Angry, Love, Happy, Sad.

Facebook DownVote Button

But we all can say that they are Alternate options of Like button and they just Increase the like count of post in Usual manner. But now officially Facebook added on their Recent statement that they are Working on the DownVote button, which gives power to users that they didn’t like the post, Video, Image or Status.

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How Facebook DownVote button will Works

As far as we know currently this Feature is Available in Comment moderation only. We can Dislike a Comment only currently.

Fb DownVote Feature

But once this button will be arrive then we can Express that we not like the post without typing any comment.

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What’s you think , This brand new Change something and Discourage for Uploading the bad post or It will do nothing special. Share your Opinions/Feedback/Opinions in comment section.