How to enable Developer Options on Android devices

Developer feature one of the Most useful feature for developers and Advanced users. But do you know that This feature is also available in every Android and you can Enable it anytime? In this post we are Going to show you how to enable Developer Options on your Android device.

Just Follow this this Step by step short guide which helps you to Enable Developers Options on Android Smartphones & Tablets.

enable Developer Options on Android

How to Activate Developer options on Android

Before Continue i must tale you that this Feature is available from the Very long time hence the Other option in mobile phones is changed completely but the Developers options not.

The procedure is Exact same for almost all Android versions and Smartphone including old and new one.

So without waisting any time let’s get Started.

First of all you have to head over to the Setting option of your phone.

Yoy have to Scroll down untill you found About phone (Or about tablet; in case you are using Android Tablet) option.

Scroll down again to find the build number you have to Tap on this Option 6 times. after 3 tap it will Show you that after 3 more tap you will be Devoloper. Just complete 6 tap.

You will see a New option on the main page of setting of your Phone.

You can now see that Developers Options setting in listed. Now you ready to Experiment.

Why should you Activate Android Developers options?

Devolopers options is primary developed for the advanced users and Programers. For Example if you are android Developer then you will be able to Test your app in your Phone while you are Building your app by using USB Cable.

This feature is also used for unlock boot loader to root phone and Install custom rom.

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