How to install Android P Emojis and fonts on Any Android phone

Android is the most popular Mobile phone operating system all around the world which is consistently updating to Improving performance and User interface. As we all know that every year the New version of Android is now launching this year they are Going to launch Android P, we don’t know the full form of P but after Google launch the the developer preview we all now the almost Exact UI and interface of this Upcoming Android version.

Google’s Android P fonts and Emojis have much improovement from the last version. Users who are waiting for the latest version will get this update arround September-Octomber just like every year.

Android users who are using Elligible phone is able to Download and install the latest version of Android on their phone even before it launched officially.

However the Devolopers preview is not available for all phones. But in post i am Going to show you How to install Android P Emojis and Fonts on any Android phone. You just have to follow the steps that i am Going to mention below.

You just have to Follow the all step which i am Going to mebtion below.

Note : Before even applying this Method you have to make sure that your Phone is Rooted, If not then you have to root your phone first. You also have to installed the Magisk on your phone which needs to unlock bootloader first.

Install Android P Emojis and Fonts on any Android Device

  1. First of all you have to Download Android p Fonts and Emojis module for Magisk by using this link .
  2. Now you have to Open the Magisk manager first.
  3. Now tap and the Hamburger menu and then “Modules” Option to continue.
  4. Tap on the plus icon which will appear on the bottom Center of the screen.
  5. Head over to the folder that you just Download in the step one and choose that.
  6. Module will be start flashing via Magisk. Once the Extraction is done Successfully, then you have to Tap on the Reboot button which on the bottom right corner of your phone’s screen.

That option will Reboot your device and Install that module on your device.

So that’s How to install Android P Emojis and fonts on Any Android phone. If you are facing any issue During installation then you can Mention it in comment section.

Rahul Prahlad Bodana is Author at CNBdaily. His area of expertise includes Technical know-how of Computers, Mobile phones, and Various electronic devices.

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