How to install Windows on Android tablets {Using Computer}

Rahul Bodana
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In the market few Windows based tablet is available while there are Much better Android tablets available is less price with much better features. If you wants a Brand new Windows tablet then you can buy it online or Offline according to choice. But what if that You already have the Android tablet but wants to install Windows operating system in It. Well its possible and here in this Post i am going to explain the Exact steps to install Windows on Android tablet.

To do so there is application available which claims to Install windows on the Device which is Running on Android operating system.

However you also have to keep in mind that the hardware configuration of the any Android phone to Windows, It doesn’t matter how high end phone you are using.

It is the Third party application which is not affiliate by neither Google (Android’s parent company nor by Microsoft.

If you wants to then here is the steps that you have to Follow to install Windows on Android.

How to install Windows on Android

  1. First of all You have to Download Change my Software on your windows by using this link
  2. Download the Zip file in your pc and then you have to Extract it. You also have to connect your android to windows pc via USB cable.
  3. Select which version you wants choose Android.
  4. Change My Software program will also install few drivers to make compatible environment.
  5. Press install to Start the procedure. In this meantime your Tablet should be connected with your phone.
  6. Don’t check the “Remove Android” Box if you wants to use Both Android and Windows on Tablet.
  7. Choose the operating system feature will helps you to choose windows and by using this Feature you will be able to use Dual boot feature and Switch between Android and windows.

So that’s How to install windows on Android phones.

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