How to use Gmail offline on Desktop {Complete Dummies Guide}

Rahul Bodana
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Gmail is the most Popular Email service provider all around the world, and Millions of users are using its Free as well as Paid versions in their Daily life. But to do you that you can Access the Gmail offline and which is Pretty easy to Setup. Just like the YouTube Offline, You will be able to Access your mails offline without Internet. This feature very useful for those areas where Internet is Not always available and For those Travel much and on every time not on Every location Internet is Available.

Use Gmail Offline

So in this i am Going to show you How to use Gmail offline.

In this Article you are Going to learn How to use Gmail without Active Internet connection.

The concept behind Gmail offline is pretty simple, Gmail download certain numbers of Latest mails and store then in memory so users can access then letter even when They are not connected to the Network.

Here is the Step by step procedure to Activate Gmail offline feature

Activate Gmail offline feature

Activate Gmail Offline feature

  1. First you have to Download the Gmail offline app for your Chrome browser this app is available on Chrome web store, You just have to search.
  2. Once you on the Download page then Download and Install Gmail Offline on Google chrome.
  3. Select the app from App section in the Google Chrome and you have to select “Allow offline mail” , This option will activate the Gmail offline feature and Automatically start Storing mails on Your PC’s Hard-disk.
  4. You can Set the limit how much mails you wants to store offline.

So that how to Use Gmail offline, If have any other Questions about it then you can Ask in Comment section.

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