HowManyOfMe not working? How to Fix and Some Alternatives

There is an issue where HowManyOfMe not working and the website is not loading on web browsers. This post is about its server status, outage information, and some alternatives which you can try till this website comes online again.

The Website HowManyOfMe.Com is sort of a unique tool that allows its visitors to find out how many people in the United States share their full name, hence the name of the Website How Many of Me.

So, if you were ever curious how many people share your First and last in exactly as you do, this is the website where you should start.

The premise of that website is simple – there are millions of people in the United States how many have your name?

Usually, when you want to use that website, you have to type “” in your web browser and once you are on the website just enter your first name, and last name and hit the search names button.

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That all sounds fine and dandy but the problem is at the time of writing this article, the website HowManyOfMe.Com was not working.

It was most likely down, and can’t be reached (There is a chance this would change when you read this article).

In this guide we are going to discuss potential solutions, What is exactly the reason HowManyOfMe Not working, a few other alternatives, and more.

So without any further ado, let’s get started.

How to Fix HowManyOfMe.Com not working Error

It’s unlikely that as a visitor of the website, you can troubleshoot the issue entirely on your own. If the problem is specific to your device only you can solve it by clearing the browser’s cache.

But for now (at least at the moment of writing this post) HowManyOfMe not working on your web browser because it is having some sort of server-related outage at the moment of writing this article.

For some when they visit the site: using their web browser they will see the following error –

This Site Can’t be reached

Howmanyofme.Com’s DNS address could not be found. Diagnosing the problem


The DNS problem happens when there is an issue with website nameservers.

When a website owner either transfers the website to a new host or makes some changes, the end user will see this error on their browser.

So as the end user, you are not able to fix HowManyOfMe not working error.

However, you can try some alternatives in meantime, till status is changed to online from offline.

“How Many of Me” Website Alternatives

If you are looking for a similar tool that helps you find other people who share the same name as you and will not hesitate away using another website, instead of waiting for HowManyOfMe to back online you should try other available alternatives.

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There are many Alternative for this website but we are going to talk about two major HowManyOfMe.Com alternatives that you can try –


Forebears offer you information about the name you enter along with how many people share similar names all around the world.

Other than offering information about people you can also look for places, countries, and a few other things as well.


Another website that provides you with some facts, and information and a number of people who have the same name and surname is Maniacs.Info.

Maniacs when you type and given name will return how many people have that name in the USA.

Behind The Name

If you rather prefer to find out some important facts related to your surname and firstname you should try the website called – Behind the name.

However, unlike other websites mentioned here, providing you information on how many people share it provides you the history of the name and etymology.

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