Jio Payment Bank Start : Company Start transferring MyJio Accounts

After the Airtel Payment Bank and the Paytm Paytm Bank Reliance Jio Start the Jio Payment bank limited where they already Start Migrating the Jio money customers to Jio Payment bank. It means the customers who are Using Jio Money account now Automatically Transferred to the Jio Payment bank. Yesterday on 23 February Reliance Jio sent an Message to all customers that They are Migrating their JioMoney account to the Payment bank.

Here is the Message that Customer receive:-

Dear Customer, Your JioMoney Account will be Transferred from Reliance Payment Solution ltd to Jio Bank Limited on 14.03.2018. Please Provide your Approval on to Continue using our Services.

Jio Payment bank

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Here the Point to Remember

  1. Reliance Jio Payment Bank is not Start Currently but they are now Working to Transfer all of the Account Reliance Payment Solution ltd to the Payment bank.
  2. Migration for all Number will be done on 14 march 2018 (This year).
  3. They Didn’t transfer Jio Money account to without Customers permission. If you wants to give your Approval then you have to Head over to
  4. On Site you have to Provide your Approval and Follow the Step by step Instruction to Migrate account to Jio Payment bank.

How to Create Jio Payment bank account

How to Create Jio Payment bank account

  1. If you are a Reliance Jio Customer then you Don’t have to Worry about anything. You Probably Using Jio Money app in your Mobile phone (Which Comes in Jio app bundle). If not then You can download this app from Google Play store or App store.
  2. Install the latest version of the app by visiting Create a Jio money account if you haven’t already. If you already have an Account then you have to Skip on Step number 3.
  3. Follow up the Instruction and Provide your Approval to Migrate your account.

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So that’s the Complete procedure to Follow to Create Jio Payment Bank account and Transfer JioMoney account to Reliance Jio payment bank. So hurry up, If you have any other Question in your Mind then you can ask in Comment section.

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  1. I installed jio money and opened my account but after clicking on money transfer they are telling its disabled as per RBI guidelines. Please tell me how to Proceed now??


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