Jio Problem today : Fix Connection/Network outage & Apps not working

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Are you also facing Jio Problem today Not to mention that reliance Jio is the Most trending mobile network operator in Our country but still it’s not a perfect mobile network? Most of the time we face Connection outage, Network issue, Few apps including MyJio, JioCinema, JioTv will not work for some subscribers. In this case, users want to know that Jio Down or not, Jio Server down, or the problem is just on their mobile number. If it’s a problem with the server then we can’t fix it from our end but if the issue from users mobile phones then can quickly fix the issue without calling the Jio customer care number.

Jio Problem today?

Jio problem today

Did you also want to know about Jio Problem today?

Is Jio Website is down on not, Why my Jio’s mobile number signal is dropped, Why i can’t make calls, Why you are not able to use 4G internet?, why MyJio app is not working, Why JioCinema app is not working on my phone? Why I am getting a JioTV connection timeout?

If you really want to know the answer to this type of question then trust me you are not alone.

Many Jio Customers face this kind of issue and they just want to know about what’s the reason behind Jio Problem today.

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Reasons behind Jio errors/Network outage Outage

Here is some common reasons behind Jio Signal drop, Call drop, Unable to use the internet, Apps not works, Weak signal strength, No coverage in your area kind of issues.

  1. If you always face network issues in any specific area that it means Jio have not proper coverage in a particular area.
  2. If you can’t make calls right now, But in past, you were able to make calls that mean it’s a temporary network outage. There is also a chance that your mobile phone is the reason behind this problem. If Only you who are facing call not connecting, Call dropping, Network problems then strongly recommend you to remove & Reinsert your Jio sim card in your phone.
  3. You can use the internet maybe its problem of Weak connection or 4G voltage compatibility issue of your phone.
  4. Jio is specially built for 4G voLTE phones, if your phone is not 4G voLTE supported then you can face a few errors/Problems.
  5. You are able to make calls, You are able to use the internet but you can’t open any specific Jio application? Well in that case you have to follow the troubleshooting steps that I am Going to mention in the next heading.

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Solve Connection/Network outage & Apps not working errors

Bellow is a few troubleshooting steps that you can follow in case of Jio Servers down/Network outage/ Connection timeout/Internet not working/Apps not working case.

  1. If you are not able to make calls then first you have to check the Signals of your Numbers. If you are getting Proper signals then you check if your phone is Compatible with Voice over LTE (voLTE) or not. If it’s not compatible then Download the Jio4G voice app from the app store/Google play store/Windows store.
  2. If your phone supports Jio 4G Volte and still you are getting this kind of issue then in this case you have to register a complaint on Jio Care number 198.
  3. If the issue is related to any Jio Mobile application then you can check the Troubleshooting Guides for My Jio app, JioTv app, JioCinema, JioMoney wallet etc.

Check Jio is down or not?

Jio Problem today or wants to Check Jio is down or it’s just Down for you. Well, this will be helpful if you just want to access the official website and unable to access due to some reasons. In that case, we can try websites like, outage,,, to check the website status.

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