KaiOS FAQ : For Jio phone download, App store & App development


In this post, we try to answer the most asked Question about the KaiOS.

For example, What is kaiOS?, How to kaiOS app store download, How to do kaiOS app development, Information about the kaiOS 2.0 apps & App store and much more.

KaiOS is a mobile operating system just like Android and iOS, however, this is available for only non-touch devices. Currently, this operating system is available for the web-based operating system that enables a new category of lite phones and other IoT devices that require limited memory, while still offering a rich user experience through leading apps and services.

In India, it is well known as the operating system of Jio phone: a keypad 4g phone which supports Volte sim card of Reliance Jio. If you want to know about everything this operating system then this is the only post that you have to read.

But let’s first start with the definition, What KaiOS actually.

What is the KaiOS?

KaiOS app store

 KaiOS is a Web-based operating system for low end, keypad mobile devices Jio phone is the perfect Example. Like most of the operating system, this os has its Inbuilt App store. From where users are able to download the apps which is available and compatible to their mobile devices.

kaiOS app store for Jio phone download

Yes, you can download the apps from the KaiOS App store but when it comes to Reliance Jio, then have there owned restrictions. It may be possible in future to download the apps from KaiOS App store but currently, you load only the app, which is made available by Jio.

As per the official announcement from Jio, they will be Going to launch kaiOS 2.0 app store & kaiOS 2.0 Apps.

Once that update is available for all Jio phone users just need to Update their Jio phone.

kaiOS WhatsApp Download

WhatsApp and Facebook are officially available on the KaiOS 2.0 operating system. In case you are still using the older version then all you have to do is update your phone to the latest version.

Once you update to the KaiOS latest version then in the app store you will see the option to download kaios WhatsApp. Just tap on it and start the Downloading procedure.

kaios app store download

If your Jio phone is still working on the old OS then you might be wondering How to KaiOS App store download so you can Install WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube and other apps which is available only in the new version.

In that case, you just have to Update your Jio phone and the app store will be available on your phone.

So that’s the most asked Question, if you have any other question then you can ask it in the comment section.

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