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Here in this article, we are Going to talk about the Koo App. How to Download Koo App for Android, iOS, or For PC. Who is its founder and Current Owner? Wiki information that provides you all of the information that you need regarding this mobile Application and How to use it just like twitter to express your views in your own language. Yes, it supports Indian languages.

So without wasting any time let’s get started.

Koo App Review – What it is?

Koo App

Just like twitter, Koo is also a micro-blogging platform where you can share your Opinions, Express thoughts in your own language. It offers a wide verity of Indian language support so you can share thoughts in your own language.

You can share Text/Video/Audio or the combination of any of three with your followers. You can also follow others’ Share the news with others, read the news that other Shared and so much more.

Here are the few features that you are Going to like in this Mobile Application

Features that you will like

  • You can share your opinions on the news that is shared by Indian newspapers and shared them with your followers.
  • You can follow other and others can follow you. Just like the system of the most popular social networking sites.
  • You can customize you feed in which language you want to see. For example, if you kanada Speaker and you want to see your news feeds in this language only, you can do that as well.

Download Koo

You can download this for your Mobile Phones. Application is out there for download on iOS and Android smartphones if you want to download then you have to follow the steps as per your phone’s operating system.

Download for Android

At the time of writing this article, this mobile Application hit more than 5 million downloads on the Google play store alone the last version v0.0.38 is updated on 7th august and receives a 4.8 stars rating from its users.

To install the Application you need the Android phone or tablet which works on Android 5.0 or above.

Visit install Page

if you want to download then you can use this Download button to start the Downloading right now.

Download for iOS

To Download this for your iOS Devices such as iPhone, iPad or iPad touch you have to head over to the iOS App Store in your mobile phone and then search for this Application.

Here is the link.

Visit the iOS App store

For installing this Application you need the iOS version 12.0 or later.

Download for PC

Unlike Twitter or any other social media platform this does not have the website. All you have is the mobile application for the purpose of using it. If you want to use it on PC as you use in you Mobile phone then you have to Download the Emulator for it.

Once the Android emulator is installed in your Computer you can Head over to the Google Play store in it and Download the Application just as you install any of the Android App in your mobile phone. There is no other solution out there for it.

How to Use [Shor Guide]

Once the Application is downloaded in your phone then first you have to signup

Once you sign up you can visit your profile page and customize it according to your choice. You can add the profile picture, Change username and so on.

There using the search bar you can search for other people. Upon visiting on their profile picture you can follow them by hitting the follow button. Just as much you can follow other, others can follow you as well.

You can also follow the news media outlets to get the latest and trending news in your own language.

Developer Information

Koo is created by Indian Android App developer Mayank with the purpose of creating a mobile Social microblogging site where users can interact in their own language. This Application is customizable according to your language instead of English only.

Share your Opinions

What do you think about Koo App? You can share your opinions, feedback, and reviews regarding this Mobile application in the comment section. If you have any doubt or question you can mention that as well there and we will help you as soon as possible.

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