Kreditzy Loan App : Review, Proof, Helpline & Eligibility


There is hundreds, Probably thousand of Mobile Application loading on the Google Play store which claimed to provide you loan online Kreditzy Loan App is newest addition among them. If you are living in India then you may already knows that there is Dozens of mobile Apk’s on the Google Play store Like Dhani, Mobikwik, Bajaj Finance who are Giving instant loans to the Citizens who are living in India. Those Application asked nothing but only Your Aadhaar card number only and the Amount of loan will credited to your Account withing 48 hours, 24 hours or Sometime in Just five minutes.

However this post is not about All those new Loan Apps 2019 but only for the Kreditzy App review and Contains the information such as kreditzy loan app,kreditzy loan,kreditzy loan proof,kreditzy review,kreditzy,kreditzy loan app details,kreditzy personal loan app,kreditzy loan app review hindi,kredditzy loan app eligibility,creditzy,kreditzy loan application,instant personal loan,kredite,uniq kreditz,kreditzy loan helpline number,instant loan,kredit von privat,online kredit.

This article is written for those Android smartphone users who wants to know More about it and thinking that should they use it to Get loan online.

So without wasting any Time let’s get Started.

Kreditzy App Review

So first if you are Looking for the Straightforward answer that you should Download Kreditzy Apk for Android or not then the my Answer will be that this Company is not very famous.

kreditzy loan App

The the thing their App is Not even available on the Google Play store and trust me that says lot, about a brand.

if you want to know more, then Keep reading.

So i just install the Application by Following the ( Downloading link along with procedure mentioned below in this post) few simple steps just to check authenticate of the App.

Android Blocked the Installation and said it appears the Dangerous App. It is Fairly normal Because Android and Play services noways every App that is installed outside of Google Play store.

So i install Anyway and open the App. This Application is available in Two Languages Hindi and English. On the First Screen i select the language and Then Tap on OK, Let’s go.

and then I login using my Google Account. The process of Loan is simple and Just like other Loan Application out there. However i dint not proceed from there and actually upload my Document to get Loan because the Reason is simple “I don’t trust Those Guys”.

There is Basically two simple Reasons.

  • Company is not Very well known, They are New in the Credit Market. There App isn’t even available on the Play store. There is App on the Play store Similar name “kreditz” which is not kreditzy and offers different functionality.
  • They Ask too much Permission. Camera and Storage permission is okay since it requires to Capturing and Upload photos of your Document but they also collect Data from every other Mobile Application from your Mobile Phone. They also need access to read you sms as well. I you can’t imagine how dangerous it might be, then just imaging You have Net Banking, UPI applications in your Phone and this App can read Your information from those app and sent Automatically without even you realize.

To put it simply can empty Your Bank balance since they have Access to your Bank account, password even they can Read the OTP code which is required to conclude transaction.

However i actually can’t comment they really do that, But you should really be Aware that actully Dangeroud App is Capable of.

Even after You want to Download kreditzy App for your Android mobile Phone then you have to Follow the steps which i mentioned below.

How to Download kreditzy Apk

  1. First you had to head over to the , Simply copy this link and paste it in another Tab of your browser. Don’t close this Page , Becouse you need this follow the rest of my instruction.
  2. Once you one the site then on the Top You will see the Field to enter the Mobile Number to get the Apk link to Download Apk if you are using PC. If you are using Mobile phone then You can Download the App directly by taping the Download Button.
  3. Once you Download the App, Open it. You have to select the App language and then it Redirect you to Permission.
  4. Read the Permissions Carefully. If you agree, I repeat only if you are Agree then accept the Permission.
  5. Now Application will ask you to Login. Login using any available options.
  6. Once you are Ready then you are Ready to check kredditzy loan app eligibility and fill up the kreditzy loan application to get the instant personal loan.
  7. You also have to Submit your Document for the verification purpose.

kreditzy loan helpline number

There is one kreditzy loan helpline number which is mentioned on their Website. However during the processing of loan if you recieve any Calls from them then you can Call back on the same number For the information as well.

There is the Information which we Gathered

  • kreditzy loan helpline number => 080-44292500
  • kreditzy loan helpline email => [email protected]

kreditzy office Address –

Kreditzy, 4th floor, Mereside Heights, 123,Swamy Vivekananda Rd, Sakshi Nagar, Pai Layout, Krishnarajapura,Bengaluru, Karnataka, India – 560016

if you wish you can also contact them using by filling up the Contact us form.

Final Word

Please note : Since that i did not Apply for the Loan Using this App, i don’t have Kreditzy Loan Proof. If you have any then you can Share it with us by using Comment or by Contact us form. Please Make hide your Personal information before sharing it.

We did not take any Responsibility nor does claims to their services. This Written for General information only. We CnbDaily is not Affiliated with kreditzy in any manner. If you have Any Question or doubt about this post in your mind, Then you can ask in the Comment Section. Your feedback and Opinions are Always welcomed.


  1. Thank You Narender Paul for the Confirmation. Can your Share Your Loan Receipt or Anything that will helps the Visitors that this App actually Provide loan, You can blur out the sensitive information and Send to My Mail Address [email protected].


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