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Here in this post i am going to show you that How Mi account remove without password with TPS Xiaomi Tool 2019. We all miss the Good old days where was no frp lock on our mobile phones. By mistake if we forget our password or pattern lock then we all need to do is Format the mobile phone or Factory reset it using the Restart menu.

As you all know that in Previous post i told you How to Recover deleted Mi account but here we going to do Exact Opposite.

Why we Face this Issue

But now as we all know that all of the major smartphone operator comes with the FRP lock or similar feature. Here this kind of security feature is good for security reasons, but bad, annoying and overwhelming for few of us who forget the Login id which we used to Login in the Mobile phone when we first use it.

In the Xiaomi Smartphone its called Mi id and we have to Create and enter it usually only one time when we purchase the mobile phone. Once this id is created thru your phone then You did not need to enter again unless you want to format mobile phone.

You can format the Smartphone easily, We all know that. But after the Formatting the real problem appear we have to Enter the Mi id and Password.

How can we supposed to remember the Mi Login username and Password which we enter 6 month ago, 1 year or 2 year ago. In this generation people won’t remember their Girlfriend birthday date and Mi is expecting us to remember the Login id which we used only once in our Lifetime.

If you are one of those frustrated users (I know you are) then this Post is for you. Here i am going to show you How to mi account remove without password.

Once you remove Mi account from your Smartphone then you will be ready to create another Mi account and used it on your Phone.

To know how you just have to Follow along this Blog post and Apply it Step by step.

Mi account remove without password using TPS Xiaomi Tool

First thing first to do this task you need a Computer or Laptop if you not have one Borrow any of Your friends. We are going to use a Computer software named TPS Xiaomi tool 2019. This tool will not only helps us to Remove Mi Account from your smartphone but other cool things as well related to Xioami Smartphones.

Here is the Things that you can do with TPS Xioami Tool 2019

  •  It can Fast-boot put off From Various model of the Mi & redmi Smartphones.
  • You can Bypass the Frp and Mi account from almost any Xioami mobile phones.
  • It is Unofficial Boot-loader unencumber. It can reset your Mi device perfectly just like a new mobile phone.

So let’s come back to topic.

Steps to remove Mi Account without Password

  1. First you need to Download the TPS Xiaomi Tool by using this Link. Once this Software is Downloaded in your Computer then you have to download the Xiaomi USB driver.
  2. In most of cases the USB driver will automatically installed in the Computer once the Device connected. If not then you have to install them Manually.
  3. Make sure that your Smartphone is Connected to the PC using USB cable.
  4. You have to Boot your Smartphone into the recovery mode using Power Off  >> Volume up key + Power key together.
  5. Extract the Software that you Download in the First step. You have click on the Mi account unlock tool.
  6. It will open a new window, here you have to click on the Information.
  7. Now the Real work Begin Just click on Disable Mi account first then Bypass Mi Account. Remember the order its important.
  8. Work is Done for Mi account remove without password, Don’t do anything now. Your phone will be Automatically restart, It may restart several time just don’t click on Anything.
  9. Once your Phone is Stable then Disconnect the USB cable.

That was easy and Straightforward method isn’t it. You just need to install a Computer software on your PC. Once installed then you can Remove the Mi Account from any Mobile phone in Just few seconds. TPS Xiaomi Tool is amazing software which will do the work which we generally can’t due to restrictions from Manufacturers.

Now you are ready to Create new Mi Account. Its the Whole process of Mi account remove without password using TPS Xiaomi Tool. If you have any Question then you can ask it in the Comment section.

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