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Election Commission of India recently launched poll monitoring app for the monitoring of the polls in India which in short Calls PMS Apk. if you wants to download the poll monitoring app for Android then you have to follow this post and Download poll monitoring Apk on your mobile phone.

Poll monitoring App is the part of Mobile application bundle which is launched by the Election commission of India (ECI) in recent years. The aim of this type of application is provide transparent systems much as possible and help Both citizens and Candidates during the election process.

Poll monitoring App Download

These Election commission of India apps are available for free. Most of them isn’t released on the Google play store, However app is available for Download, You can be certain of that.

These application is Available to download on the Official election commission portal. You can download the Apk file from there and install it in your Android mobile. Due to restrictions from iOS these application isn’t available for iOS mobile phone.

How to Download poll monitoring app Apk for Android

Voters or Political candidates who wish to Download Elections commissions Poll monitor App can Download it. This application is only Available on the Election commission of India Website. However finding it on that site isn’t that easy.

Here we locate it for you and update the link below. Follow this Quick and simple procedure and install it in Android based mobile phone.

  1. First to Download poll monitoring app for Android. You have to head over to the official Website of the Election commission of India. Eci.Gov.in is the official Website of Election commission of India, If you wants to download this Mobile application then you have to Go to this link.
  2. You will redirected to the Download page of Poll day monitoring system Apk download page. You will see the blue button which is labeled as Download this file. Just click on Download this file button.
  3. Once you click on Download this file button the Downloading will be start. The size of Poll monitoring Apk is 4.36 mb so this application will download within few seconds only.
  4. Once the application is download then you have to head over to the Download location => tap on the Apk file => Click on the Install.
  5. Make sure that Installation from unknown sources is enabled in your Android mobile phone. If the Installation from unknown sources is not enabled in your phone then application will not installed unless you turn this option on.
  6. After the installation will finish properly then you are ready to start this mobile application in your Android smartphone.

So that’s how to Download Poll monitoring App for Android. Remember that this Application is not available on the Google play store or any other App store if that matter; So the only way that you can download poll monitoring System apk (or in short PMS Apk) from the link which i mentioned in this post.

So that’s the Complete Guide and Overview of Poll monitoring System Apk. In case if you wanna ask something about this App or it is not working in your Mobile phone then your can ask it in the comment section.

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