Porting Instruction of Aircel Number : Get UPC Code without Aircel network


If you are a Aircel Consumer then you may know that Airtel shutdown in Few selected States of India. Here is the Porting Instruction of Aircel Number if you are the Customers of Aircel mobile number then you are number is already shutdown and You can’t even Send the Message for Port out the Mobile number. However if you are one of those Customers who’s Sim card is disabled and you can’s port out the Mobile number by the Traditional Process then here by Following the Instructions of this post you will be able to port out Aircel mobile number online in Few simple steps.

Aircel MNP

Wants to Port out Aircel number to Any other Company but your Sim is not woring and You are not getting any network.

In this Condition the Traditional way of Generating the UPC Code will not works for you.

In Our previous post we already update the News that Aircel Shut down their business in 6 statest including MP, UP, Gujarat, Maharastra, Haryana and Himachal pradesh.

If you are Living in any of these States and didn’t portout the Mobile number of Aircel but wants to Initiate Aircel MNP After getting no network then This post is only for you.

Just Follow up the simple Step by step Procedure and Convert Aircel Sim card to any other Company.

How to Aircel Port number & Get UPC Code to port number

This Process is for those users who’s sim card is Disabled or Those who are Not getting the Aircel Network. If you are Getting the Network of Aircel then you can Follow up the Traditional way to Initiating the Mobile number Portability.

Aircel Portout Instructions

If you are Not getting any Network or Your Aircel mobile number is Disabled then you have to Follow the Step by step Instruction that i am Going to Explain below.

  1. First you have to Know your Sim card number. Just Check the Backside of your Sim card. Alternatiely you can Download the Sim card Info app from Google play store to Check your Sim card number. Once you know your Aircel Sim card number then can Follow the next step.
  2. Make sure to Note down the last 5 digit of your Sim card, I assume that You already remember your Mobile number. We will need both in next step.
  3. Now you have to Visit this site link. This page is Created by the Aircel for those users who wants to Migrate from Aircel to any other Company online.
  4. You will get Your UPC Code. Note down this UPC Code and Visit your nearest Retailer along with Aadhaar Card and this UPC Code.
  5. Once the Aircel MNP process is Intiated then it may take up to 7 days to Complete the Migration. After 7 days your sim card will be Portout completely to the Company where you migrate Aircel Mobile number.

So that’s Its the Complete process of Generating Aircel UPC Code online without your Aircel Sim card. If you have any Doubt in your Mind then you can ask in Comment section.