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It does not matter if you are looking for Robi Bio App for PC or Want to Robi Bio App Update Version or Just surfing to install the Robi Bio App old Version from the Sites like https // download or Just wants to know that How to use GP biometric sim registration app. Here on This Page, you are Going to Learn Everything about Robi Biometric Verification System App for Android.

What is Robi Bio App

Robi Bio App is the Biometric Sim Verification Mobiel Application used by the Sim Card reseller. This Application is used to Verify the Identity of the Sim Card owner online in case of Sim card purchase or Replacement.

Robi Bio App Download

The Sim Card reseller can Download this Application in their Mobile Phone. In Association to Use it on mobile Phone, the users need to Register themselves as the Retailer and they will be Able to Activate sim and SIM Replacement.

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Currently, on the Time of writing this Article, Robi Biometric Verification System Version 1.2.8 is available online.

How to Download Robi biometric sim registration App?

Robi biometric sim registration App unlike its Customer Version My Robi is not Available on the Google Play Store. This Application is Available in the Apk format only. But can be easily availed from the third Party Apk Download Site as well as official Site

If you are Still looking Step by step solution to Install the Application in your Android Device then you have to follow the steps below.

  1. First, you have to head over to This Site.
  2. Once you are on the Site then you have to tap on the Green Button which is labeled as Download Apk. The download will start Instantly.
  3. If you are Looking for Download the Older Version then all have to Click on the Version Button. When you clicked the Version button you may See the Older Version and From them, you can Choose and Download the Older Version which you want.
  4. Now So APK is Downloaded, Head over to the Download Option of your mobile phone and tap on Apk to Install.
  5. The Robi Bio Apk installation will be in Process. During the installation, you may See the Option to install from Unknown sources.

You have to Enable the Installation from the Unknown Sources. If you do not Enable this Option then the Installation will be Failed and you Have To start the process from the Scratch.

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How to Initiate the Verification

In Biometric Verification a Person can be verified on one or More Biological traits. Usually, the fingerprint verification will be initiated aligning with the Government Id Document Verification in Case of SIM.

So the Retailers need to verify the Customers identity in Process of Enable the Sim card of Users.

It the Biometric Verification will not initiated then the Customer will not be Able to use the SIM card. The Network services won’t be activated on their Number in such a Scenario.

The Verification process is only Apply for the Sim Card reseller. This App is not designed for Normal and Individual Customers. If you are an Individual customer and want to register yourself then it’s not possible.

However in case if you are retailer then you easily register online. You just have to Download, Install and Open the app.

Biometric Verification now required for the New users as well as the Users who want to replace their existing sim Card.

Finally when the App is installed then you have to Sign up or log in to your Retailer Account. Users who have a Retailer Account can initiate the Biometric verification.

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