Snack Video App : Review, Download, Owner country & Founder

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This article is dedicated to this Application and informs you that How to Download Snack App, How to Use it, Its features, On which country its belongs, Its owner and founders an will it replace Tik ok?

Snack Video App Review

Snack Video App is mobile Application that offers Short funny videos that can be shared and view online right from your Mobile phone. This Application available for Download for both iOS and Android. Based on the videos that you will this Application will customize your feeds and suggest you the videos according to it. This Application seen as the rival of the most popular short video clip sharing platform and currently risen on the chart of the Google Play store within just two weeks of its official release.

Features of App

  • In Just scroll you can access high quality videos.
  • Based on the clips that you already watched this Application customized the feeds, Suggestion, and show clips according to your choice.
  • Discover the most popular clips right on the trending page.

Download Snake Video App

Snack Video App

This Short Video Clip sharing Application is available for download on Android smartphone only . If you are using the iOS Device then you can not download and install the application.

However, due to popularity of this Application, They will be Going to launch it officially on Apple’s iOS App Store.

Download for Android

You can Download Snake video App from Android’s Google play store. Using the download link which I mentioned below you can install it on your Android-based phones.

Download for Android

Use this link, it’ll will redirect you to Google play store download page. From there by tapping on the install button the application can be installed on your Phone.

Download for iOS

As it stated above this one is not available for your iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad or iPod touch yet.

If it’s available for Apple’s iOS in near future, we will add the Download link here.

Download for PC

Just like most of the Video clip sharing site. This Application also not available for PC users. Only using the mobile device you can access.

However, Even if you did not access this from the site using browser You can still access it. You just need to install Android Emulator for it. Using emulator you can run the Application on your PC

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Snack video app which country app

This mobile application is developed and maintained by the Chinese company the same as tik tok.

Who is the Owner/Founder

As per the information that we gathered from various sources the Snack video App originally known as the kuaishou. The Kuaishou is a Chinese Mobile Application for sharing videos. In India, they change its name to the ‘Snack video’ App to attract users.

This Application is developed by Beijing Kuaishou technology co. Ltd. The Company was founded in year 2011 in march. For now, it gained in the list of top downloads App in eight major countries and India is one of them.

How to access it online

You can access its content only with the mobile Application. They have an official site but this not facilitate the service to Access the content same as mobile App.

Thus you can not access online using the browser. If you wish to use it on PC you can use the Android App emulators to perform such a task. But it’s not recommended.

Is it next TikTok?

Probably yes, Its users are Growing at the rapidly which indicate that very soon it will outgrow the total number of download that tiktok have and total number of downloads.

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