How to Create State bank Buddy Wallet Virtual card Online

Recently most popular Bank in our country the State Bank of India launched the Buddy App Virtual Card or Buddy Wallet virtual card for any site. This brand-new virtual card is actually Powered by the leading debit credit card service provider MasterCard.

How to create State Bank Buddy wallet virtual card

This Buddy App virtual debit card will work as the actual debit card and it will also help you to pay your bill, Pay for shopping expenses on the most popular online shopping sites like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, Electricity board, and so on-site.

State bank Buddy wallet Virtual card

So if you want to activate State Bank buddy wallet virtual card? if yes then you have to follow all the steps that I mention below

  1. How to download the latest version of the State Bank buddy wallet app from Google Play Store App Store.
  2. Once you updated to its latest version and you have to sign up or log in depending on the status of your account.
  3. Navigate to the home page and then tape on pay with a buddy card.
  4. Now again tape on the view card and now you have to enter the pin.
  5. Copy the all information on your virtual credit card to use it for shopping or any other purpose.
  6. You can use these details to shop at any online shopping store for paying your bills.

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What is a Virtual Card anyway?

Virtual Card is just like normal debit card but they are Virtual. You own those cards, But you don’t have to have a physical copy of them.

For Online transactions, you just need your card number, Expiry date, and CVV code and that’s what the Virtual credit or debit card provides you.

So if you are a person who does most of the transaction online then it’ll be the right choice for you.

This type of card is accepted on most Online shopping outlets and even provides you exciting cashback.

Unlike the actual Debit card here, You don’t have to worry if your card credentials are stolen.

Because here you can just transfer how much amount you want to have. Their Money will not be directly debited from your Bank accounts.

Since these are used in online transactions Which is most secure, No one except you can see the card information.

So any chance of cloning those cards is impossible.

This credit card is one of the most important things that is their Bank launched Under The Buddy Project.

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If you are also one of them you are using this app for initiating for paying your business then creating a virtual card will make this process more simple for you.

That’s how the State Bank buddy wallet virtual card works.

If you have any other questions and you can mention the comment section we will surely help you.

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