Thop TV for iOS : Download, What it is & Honest Review


You may know that you can Download ThopTv for Android, Previously you also read that Thop is also Available for the Windows PC and Mac System. But the question is What if you are an iOS user and Want to Download Thop TV for iOS.

If you are Looking for a way to Install it in your iPad, Apple TV, iPhone then here in this article we will try to answer your questions.

But first, let’s find out what is ThopTv App and How it Works

What is ThopTV App

This Application becomes the huge sensation in a very short amount of time which forces its Developers to Launch it’s on as Many Platforms as Possible.

Right now you can Download For Android, PC and Mac System.

There is Reason behind its huge Popularity. There are lots of applications available that allow you Stream Tv Channels, Tv Shows and Movies but at some point in time, they will ask you for the Paid Subscriptions.

Thop TV for iOS

The Paid Subscription is not very popular in Countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and That’s why we use Torrents to Access those Content for Free.

But there is huge Disadvantage of Using Torrent sites, which is First you have to Wait long Hours and Hours till the Movie or Show you want to watch will be Download locally on Your PC.

That’s where the Apps Like ThopTv, Showbox, PopCorn time comes in to play.

Those App allows you to Stream Videos Directly on your Device just Like Netflix, Prime Video and Hotstar but for free.

Thop is Way differed then the Show-box and Popcorn and in the sense, if you do not mind the Ads Better then the paid Streaming Services.

Do you know why?

Because you can access almost all of, Literally all of the Tv shows, Indian Movies, Hollywood Dubbed movies, Previous Sports matches, Live Sports matches in one palace in one App.

This is a kind of Service that the Paid Streaming Services like Netflix and Prime Video is Failed to provide.

How to Download Thop TV for iOS

Just like Google Play, iOS app store is also known to Banned mobile applications on its platform. ThopTv is a mobile application that allows us to watch tv for free and there is no way app store or Google play store allows that.

Because there are other apps that sell live TV and TV shows at premium rates so how can they allow the Mobile TV app that offers services for free.

That’s why Thop Tv is not available on both Android’s Google play store and iTunes store to download. So in short in case if you want to Download Thop TV for iOS then you can’t.

Here is the Procedure that you have to Follow to ThopTv iOS download.

” Update 1: ThopTv is now not Available for ios Devices, hence you can not download it. Currently, there is no way to install it in your iOS devices like iPad, iPod or iPhone. if you have PC or Mac then you can Install in them instead by Following this PC Guide.”

“Since this App is not Available for the iOS Users, I Added a few Alternative of this Application here in this Post. Be Sure to Check those out.”

so if you wish to use ThopTv online then you have to Use the Android Apk, PC or MAC version instead. Right now you can not Have Thop TV for iOS Smartphone but who knows I the Future Developers will make it available for devices like iPad and iPhone.

Thoptv alternative for iOS

You can Not Install the Thop on iOS but it necessary Does not Mean that you can Not enjoy the Live Tv, Movies and other Content on the Platform.

If you wish to Use then there is few thoptv alternative for iOS Devices.

PopCorn Time

You can Not Watch the Hindi movie and TV Show in this App but You can Watch any English Movie or Tv Show here. This Application is Completely free to Use and Can be download online.

This App works on Peer to peer Network to avail the content instead of the direct server to Client connection. What’s more, You can use any Video Torrent File to stream it online without Downloading first.

Showbox App

Showbox is another App that works on the Peer to Peer Network just like the previously mentioned popcorn time Application. This is Available for the Android as well as iOS and PC. You can Watch the TV shows as well as Download so you can Watch them latter.

Suggestions are Welcome here!!

There might be few other Online Live movies and Tv Show streaming apps available for the iOS users to Download. However I Found only two, If you found any other thoptv alternative for iOS then you can mention it in the Comment section.

I’ll try to add them in this Article in the next update.

CNBDaily Review

If you are Want All in One Live streaming Application for Your phone then you can install this App. This app does not only offers you a significant amount of entertainment but offers you for Free.

It shows ads Yes, but that how they Generate Revenue. If the Developers do not show the Ads then they can’t earn revenue and if they can’t earn revenue and they can’t provide this Application it’s simple as that.

Other streaming Services Generate Revenue from the Paid subscription so they do not show any ads. But till this point, you know that this is more than a Streaming it’s, in Short, the Combination of Prime video, Netflix, JioTv, Hotstar, Jio Cinema, Zee tv App, Voot App, HBO subscription and God knows what else.

and all of this for free, So you can Decide which Online Live Streaming App your Prefer.


  1. ThopTv is now not Available for iOS devices Due to Apple’s restriction to not Install iOS Application outside the App store. In case if you are Using Mac or Windows PC then you can Install Thop for your Computer.


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