Tricks to Convert WhatsApp Voice Messages to Text in just 10 seconds

Rahul Bodana
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Most of time we received an Audio Clip on WhatsApp and sometime we wish that we can convert this Voice message to Real text. Well doing this task is extremely easy even child can done without any Problem. You just need to Download an App in your Smartphone select the Audio whether its in WhatsApp or outside WhatsApp and then boom You successfully transcribe Audio to text. Wants to know how to Convert WhatsApp Voice Messages to Text? so here i am Going to all this in simple, easy and effective way for You.

Converting WhatsApp Voice Messages to Text is seems impossible task but trust me its not. There is so much Application out there which helps us to Transcribe the Mp3, M4A, Wav files to Text. Even we can also convert text to audio by using Some text to Voice applications. Most of these applications works with WhatsApp too. But according to my choice you should use Transcriber for WhatsApp. This simple mobile application works as Extension and allows us to Transcribe our Audio clips. For iOS devices you can try Audio to Text for WhatsApp which is available on App store.


So let’s get Started.

How Convert WhatsApp Voice Messages to Text (Android & iOS)

  1. First you have to Download the Apk file of Transcriber for WhatsApp from here .
  2. For iOS you can install similar Application Audio to Text for WhatsApp which works almost same.
  3. After installing Go to WhatsApp chat and tap to select Audio clip. Click to share, You will see Icon of Transcriber app just tap on it.
  4. It will consume little time but finally your Audio file will be converted to text easily.

So that’s the whole easy, Simple, initiative but powerful and 100 working Trick to convert Convert WhatsApp Voice Messages to Text.

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