How to Crack mobile phone password or pattern lock ( 3 simple hacks)

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What happens when When you forget The Password or lock Code of Your Android Device.You don’t know How to unlock pattern lock of Android Smartphone If you Lost Your password.Here we Share 3 simple Ways to Unlock Your Android Device or Mobile pattern lock. Here you will learn How to crack Your Smartphone Password easily.

Unlock pattern lock & Password of android Device pattern lock Forgot

Trick #1 To unlock Your Android Device Pattern lock Via Factory Reset

This is Most simple trick to unlock Your android Device.Anyone Can do it A minute.But there is One problem With this Method Your all Data will Be lost.Contact details ,Sms,Apps,Music,(Which Saved in Phone memory) All will Be deleted.If you don’t Care About that You can Try this Trick otherwise you should skip to Trick Number #2.

Steps to Unlock Android Device Via Factory Reset Method
  • First Grab your android Smartphone Which is Locked.
  • Switch off your Android Handset.
  • Now wait at least one minute.
  • Now Press + volume Button & Power Button At a Same time.
  • Your Device will open In Recovery mode, Select Factory Reset button.
  • Tap on wipe Cache Partition To Clean data.
  • Now again Wait for At least 1 minute And Switch On your android Device.
  • Hurray Your android Smartphone is Unlocked now.

Trick #2 Unlock Android Device Pattern Lock via Android Device Manager

You can also use Android Device manager Website To Unlock your android Device password Or pattern lock.This Is awesome Website Which Gives you Power to Control Your android Device Without Using It.You also can Trace Your Mobile Phone Location Which Is useful when you lost Your mobile phone.It also give you Power to remotely  unlock android  Screen pattern lock Or password  If you Forgot.

Want to know How to do it Just Follow the Steps
  • Go to Android Device manager Site From This Link
  • Enter Your Gmail/Google account Which You used in Your locked android Device.
  • Now click On Lock option.

Unlock Android Device Pattern Lock via Android Device Manager

  • Enter Your new Password & Confirm your new password.
  • Leave other Fields blank and Again Click on Lock.
  • Now Grab your android Smartphone and reboot Them.Enter your New password Which You Set via Android Device Manger.
  • This Method Did not Work for Some Android device. But Should give it a try.

Trick #3  Bypassing the Pattern Lock From your Device

This Trick Only Works When you have active data Connection In your Locked Mobile device.If your data Connection is On Then you can Easily Unlock Your Smartphone.

Steps to Follow For This Method
  • Grab your Smartphone And draw Wrong pattern Lock 5 times,Now it shows a notification  and Says try again in 30 second.
  • Now They Show a option Of forgot Password.
  • Enter Your Gmail address And password Which you Use in Locked Device.
  • Thats it Now you can Setup A new Pattern lock.

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