What it Niryat Bandhu Scheme of DGFT: How to Apply, Benefits, Key Points

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Niryat Bandhu Scheme of DGFT is the Government scheme which was launched with the aim to empower and train Exporter of India to Boost the Import and Export Industry.

What is Niryat Bandhu scheme

Niryat Bandhu Scheme of DGFT

Niryat Bandhu is a Government scheme that was launched in 2015, September 9 by the Directorate General of foreign trade in short DGFT.

This is an online certificate program for business people and students who want to enhance their knowledge in Export-Import business.

This program helps both the new student and business professional to deepen their knowledge of business trends.

They can participate in this program directly from the comfort of home by simply Downloading the software on their computer.

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At the end of the program, participants have to give a certification exam which is presented by DGFT with the collaboration of the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT).

Registration is open from 10th September 2015 on the official site.

Here you are going to learn more about this Programme, Its objective, Keypoint, How to Apply for this scheme online and more.

Objective, Keypoints & Benefits

The Niryat Bandhu scheme of DGFT Main Objective is to Help Entrepreneurs, Exporters, Importers, and students of this Subject to help learn and provide certification in Export & Import Management.

Here is the rest of the Benefits and Keypoints of this program:

  • Students, Entrepreneurs who are seeking to make a career in Import and Export field will Learn the basics of this Business and also get the online certificate.
  • Exporters and Importers who are already working in this field will able to enhance their knowledge.
  • This program offers Practical yet easy-to-follow hand-on Business plan preparation right from the comfort of your home.
  • It features the Live Questions and Answers sessions where you can ask the Question to live with your instructor.
  • The program will help you to prepare your Bussines plan and so on.

Who is eligible to participate in the program?

Anyone who is seeking to improve their knowledge or Making a career in Import and Export field in India is able to Participate in this Programme.

You can Attend the Study session and Online certificate Exams offered by IIFT if you are:

  • Entrepreneurs who want to start the Import/Export business.
  • Exporter or Importer Wanting to enhance your knowledge about laws, procedures, and Trade of this business.
  • The students who are seeking to make a career in this field.

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How to Enroll in Niryat Bandhu Online Certificate Program?

IF you want to Enroll in this online Certificate program you can head over to the official site http://niryatbandhu.iift.ac.in/2.0/main.asp.

From there you have to Download its official mobile Application on your Computer.

However to Enroll in this Programme you also have to Pay the Fees of 23, 600 Rupees.

Where to attend the program?

You can Attend niryatbandhu Online course right from your Home. To join all you need is to download their computer software, A Good Quality Headphone, and an Active internet connection.

Here are the main points about attending the Course:

  • The course material is divided into 19 sessions which can be studied 5 Days a Week from Evening time 6 PM to 8 PM.
  • Students/Participants have to Download a Windows Application on their Laptop/Desktop to start learning online.
  • The Software is Available for windows computer windows 7 and Up to Windows 10.
  • You need a strong internet Connection (Preferably a wired connection) for Live study sessions.
  • A Good Quality headphone is required So you can listen and ask questions during the Synchronous sessions.

Important FAQs about Niryat Bandhu Scheme

Under which ministry niryat Bandhu scheme comes?

This Scheme was launched with the Collaboration Indian Institute of Foreign by Trade Directorate general of foreign trade and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

What is Niryat Bandhu scheme launch date?

It was launched in the Year 2011 in the month of October.

How can I get my export-import certificate?

You have to enroll in this Program. Study the course materials. This is a 4-week program, At the end of the program, and Exam will be taken. If you pass the exam you will be certified.

Who can participate in this Program?

Anyone who is interested in Import/Export trade can participate in this program.

What is Niryat bandhu scheme of DGFT?

The Purpose of the Niryat Bandhu Scheme of DGFT is to Train, Counsel the importer/exporters, and Boost exports from India. Online certification of Importer/exporters is part of this Government scheme.


So that’s What is Niryat Bandhu Scheme of DGFT. If you have any other Question regarding this scheme you can mention in the comment section.

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