Why is Spotify not available in India? And when it’s Launched

Spotify App is Actually one of the Most popular Music streaming services which provides almost each and Every track all around the World. However, it is still not available in all Countries like India. If you are Thinking that Why is Spotify not available in India? then let me tell you that they Finally decided to launch in India.

Here in this I am Going to tell you when Spotify App will launch in India and Each and Every bit of Information about it that we know So far.

Why is Spotify not available in India? And when it's Come

If you are Die hard Fan of Music and Listen Songs online then you probably already Try out the Amazon Music, Gaana, Saavn and any other Live music Streaming app and Services. However, maybe you are aware of the Spotify App.

The Spotify App is Currently available in European Countries like the United States and they are also Expanding it to Russia & Africa.

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This Live music Streaming service Currently available in 65 countries and now has 159 millions users along with Premium Subscribers. Recently it Launched in Israel, Romania, Vietnam & South Afrika now this Multinational Music streaming app is Ready to launch in India.

Why is Spotify not available in India Currently?

Spotify India Download

Because the Taste of the music of the Indians is very different than the European Countries. As we all know that Major numbers of Indians Audience prefer to listen to Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Song in their own regional language instead of English.

So that’s why they need to Prepare a Separate Version of A music app only for India. The same thing applies to other Asian countries as well.

Spotify Hindi Songs

Along with that they also need to Create a Separate Server in India so the users can Listen the Song much faster Because it will not the Songs will be Played and Download on the Resources of the Spotify U.S. Server.

To Prepared all of this Company needs time that’s why the Why is Spotify not available in India Currently.

But Recently the company announced that they are Finally coming to India very Soon. However you can Still Download it by using the VPN and enjoy the Free trial in Case you want to listen to English songs only.

Update 26th 2019:

Spotify is finally, officially available in India.

If you are living in India, You can now download Spotify from official app stores and pay using any Indian payment method like Debit card, credit card or even UPI.

Rahul Prahlad Bodana is Author at CNBdaily. His area of expertise includes Technical know-how of Computers, Mobile phones, and Various electronic devices.

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