Win Pubg Mobile every time | Top Secrets to get Chicken dinner

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Do you want to know How to win Pubg Mobile every time?

How to win Pubg Mobile every time

How to win Pubg Mobile every time?

Pubg mobile is right now the most popular mobile game available on both Android and iOS devices. Here in this Article, I am going to show you top strategies which are used by the Top Gamers all around the worlds to grab chicken dinner. If you are a beginner and wants to win every match that you play then you to Read and apply the tricks which I am going to mention below.

So without wasting any time let’s get started.

#1 Choose the perfect Location to land

There are two types of winner first one is sneaky who sneak on their opponent and destroy them and the second one is the offensive who attacks directly without thinking guarding themselves. There is nothing wrong in any of those approaches just you have determined which one of you. If you are the type of player who is strong in the Offensive approach then you have to land on the Place where most of the players land like Military area or Pochinki or you think most people will going to land there.

Pubg skidiving

If you good in the sneaky approach then I suggest you land on Prison, ruins, Gatka or the place where you think not most of the people will land.

#2 Choose weapon Carefully

There are so many guns in Pubg and if you want to Win in Pubg mobile then you have to select your weapons carefully. My Favorite guns (which usually available) is M16A4, AKM, and DP-28. I personally prefer M16A4 and DP-28 Combo. Depend on the situation I usually used DP-28 in close range and M16A4 or AKM in long range/snipping with focus.

That’s a key point to win Pubg Mobile every time.

Pubg mobile now also have the option to carry the third gun ( Pistols). If you have a choice then I always suggest you carry Sawed-off which is the best pistol available in the game, it need only need two shots to kill the enemy.

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Sawed-off is not available at every place, in that case, you will carry R1895 which has half base damage rate as compare to Sawed-off.

However, R1895 have much faster reload time.

#3 Be a team member

Win in Pubg squad

If you playing with your Friends then its recommend that you have all have to be together wherever you go. If you are together and someone gets shot then another team member can easily give them revive.

In this meantime, others can watch your back and kill the opponents.

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Be a team member help others team members whenever you can. In case your team member didn’t find a good weapon and didn’t have a weapon at all then in the scenario you have to help them to find it.

You have to Revive others if they get shot so they will do the same with you.

#4 Open fight is better than camping

If you are in the open in the last stage of the game and all of your team members are alive then there is a very high chance that you will be able to win the matches.

It is very high as compared to fighting via hiding in buildings.

The reason is even if there is only one person alive in the end and your whole team is well but if the opponent is the pro is sneaking then he will able to kill you all.

but in the open field, there is no way he can hide you from all of you.

#5 Never merci on the opponent

If you find the enemy and you will be able to kill him then kill him. You have to Fire the gun until he/she out. If you not then probably kill you.

Even not at that time maybe another time, maybe in the end. So always double tap don’t just knock out them.

So that’s the PubG mobile tips and Tricks to win every match. If you want to share any other tricks and tips then you mention in the comment section.

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