YouTube Offline Feature – How to Watch YouTube videos without internet

Do You Know YouTube also have Offline feature where you can Download the Videos to watch it letter when you don’t have any Internet balance To Your mobile phone . Currently you can find this option in their official android app only .

We used YouTube to watch some of our Favorite videos , Movies songs and Every when we watch it costs the data which makes it Too costly . That’s the reason why most of users use the YouTube Video downloader to download the Videos .

How to use YouTube offline Feature

But do you YouTube also have its own download Feature within their app , Yes you can save it without using any thir party app . But the Videos that you will download using YouTube offline option will plays only in official YouTube mobile app.

Below is all Process to use this amazing Feature

How to Save & Watch videos later using YouTube offline Feature
  1. First You have to download the latest Version of YouTube mobile app for ios or android mobile . Skip this step if you already own.
  2. Once it is install then open it .
  3. Remember not all Videos is not available to watch offline .
  4. Go to any video that you want to download or save.
  5. Below the Video you will finds the Download icon click on it and Select the Quality/Size .
  6. Finally save it .
  7. Now You can turn of the mobile data or WiFi connection .
  8. Play the video that just you Download . No data is Required , You can delete it too which is Very easy.

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How to View or delete the Offline Video

You can easily Access the videos or playlists that have been added to Offline mode,First turn off the Data connection. now tap on Go offline in the Account tab of the YouTube mobile app. If yoy Want to delete it then tap on the next on the Video that you want to remove & Select remove .

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