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Android 15 Beta Expands Reach, Now available for more phones

Android 15 beta now no longer confined to Pixel devices, this next-generation operating system is now accessible to a wider…

Rahul Bodana Rahul Bodana

OpenAI’s GPT-4o Faster, Smarter, Ai model is Accessible to All users

OpenAI has just unleashed a game-changer: GPT-4o, the turbocharged successor to the ChatGPT-4 model that fuels their flagship, ChatGPT. Think…

Rahul Bodana Rahul Bodana

Decoding Zomato’s Share Dip: Profit Up, but Shares Down – What’s going on?

On Tuesday Zomato's shares took a surprising dip, leaving investors scratching their heads. What's the deal? The company just posted…

Rahul Bodana Rahul Bodana

Elon Musk Is Not Impressed with GPT-4o: Here’s What He Said

Tech mogul Elon Musk has publicly expressed his disappointment with OpenAI's latest chatbot, ChatGPT-4.o, reigniting the ongoing rivalry between the…

Rahul Bodana Rahul Bodana

Meta Launched In-Flight Travel Mode for Meta Quest 2 & 3

In a surprise move on Monday, Meta announced a new feature to Apple Vision Pro in-flight entertainment: VR Travel Mode.…

Rahul Bodana Rahul Bodana

OpenAI Unveils GPT-4o: The Next Generation of AI Conversation

Hey, you ever get sucked into those sci-fi flicks where AI is either living alongside us or, like, totally dominating…

Rahul Bodana Rahul Bodana