How to activate YouTube Dark Mode on Google Chrome browser

Many of us Habit to watch the YouTube Videos late Night, While watching Videos is Not very dangerous for health but Still it will be the main reason of Eye Strain. This Eye problem will Arise specially when a User watch the Videos on YouTube at night time. This probably happens because of White background in this most popular online Video sharing website.

But the good news is there to alleviate the eyes of viewers from facing any Eye strain or Red eye problem YouTube developers and Google chrome developers are Consistently working on brand new feature which will be called YouTube Dark Mode. This Feature is just opposite of Current white Background of YouTube website. After Activate Dark Mode feature we can See this whole website in Black background instead of White color. For Reference you can see this Image which i just Captured from my Computer screen.

YouTube dark Mode

The YouTube dark Mode or In easy word the Dark Background will Give a relief to Your Eyes Specially if you are Watching the Videos more then 2 hours in Night. It will protect your Eyes from Strain, Replace the White background to Black and Make YouTube more beautiful.

However The YouTube Website & Google Chrome which is fall under Google’s ownership Didn’t make official announcement on This YouTube Black background mode Even they didn’t mention it in any blog post or Tweet But this Feature is actually discovered by one Reddit user who is just Trying to make YouTube more conformable for him while late night working.

By activating this, By This way it creates a super night time time experience whilst looking movies. cross ahead to know how to enable the darkie Mode placing to your browser.

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To Activate YouTube Dark mode, To enable YouTube Black background A users needs to follow these steps.

How to Activate YouTube Dark mode

The stairs to set off the secret function, however, are pretty smooth to observe. Just Make sure that You are Using the latest version of Google Chrome Desktop Browser if not then Download or Update to latest Google Chrome Version.

  1. First Head over to YOUTUBE.COM and Login to Your own YouTube account.
  2. Once user successfully logged in then press Ctrl + Shift + I keys together on keyboard on windows Computer, But on the Mac os this task can be Done via pressing the Command + option + I keys together.
  3. Click on Console tab here we see many codes. Don’t worry here you not have to Involve in coding. Here in Console tab we just have to add a Single line of Code.
  4. Paste document.cookie=”VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=fPQ4jCL6EiE  in the Input box and Press enter button on Keyboard.
  5. Now we have to Refresh Browser to make This change into Effect.
  6. Click on Your Profile Icon on YouTube.
  7. You Will see many option here You have turn on to The dark Mode.
  8. That’s It.


Hope this Article Guided You Well to Implement YouTube Dark Mode. If you face Difficulties then simply point out the Problems/ Errors/ Questions in Comment box.

Rahul Prahlad Bodana is Author at CNBdaily. His area of expertise includes Technical know-how of Computers, Mobile phones, and Various electronic devices.

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