9 Best Online Games for Android Smartphone of Year 2019


In this post I am going to show you the Best Online Games for Android Smartphone. If you love playing in your Free Time then there is a higher chance that you already heard of many online games Like PubG & Fortnite. The online Multiplayer games is very diffrent as compare to normal Singal player games or any other normal Game for That Matter.

Best Online Games for Android

There is various kind of Online Games is available some of them is MMO or others are just Single Player games which are connected to the Game server for the various resources. Whatever the reason Online games always need an active internet connection, otherwise it will not Work properly as it intended to be.

If you are Lookin for the Top Online games for Android Smartphones then here it is. Here in this post i am going to share the Best Online games for Android.

this list is presented in the Top 10 format. The Game which is the Best available on the Postion number #1.

10PubG Mobile

PubG Mobile which is also known as Player unknown battleground hit the Google Play store and App store in Last years. Android Users who never ever played the Mobile games before, Playing this games with their freinds against others. This game argubly changed the Tied of the Android Online mobile games. This was the First online game which becomes so Much popular in a very short time span.

The Rule of this game is simple. You will be landed on the Deserted island along with the 99 other players (The real players like you) and fight for the winning and For your life. The last standing wins.

You can go solo or Team up with your Freinds to play this Game. If you play solo then you have to compete with the other 99 players. If you go with the Team ( each team has 4 Members) then you have to compete against other 24 teams. The last team standing or The last player standing will win the Chicken dinner, not littery of course.


Fortnite Mobile

In pc fortnite is one of the Most popular games that ever Created. The reason is that this game is Completely free on Pc, If we not count the Story mod. This game has already released on iOS App store but for Android the matter is very-very complecated. The Game is available to download but not on the Play store. Anyone can Download it by using Fortnite Installer but this is not Available for every Android mobile phone.

Game has never launched on Google play store officially and Looked like that now developes has no plans to make it Available on the Play store. However if you wants to Download the Fortnite For Android then you can head over to the EPIC webiste and Download the Installer.

Installere will check that your Smartphone is compatible or Not and if your Android smartphone is compatible then you can dowload the Game otherwise not.

Fortnite is just Like PUBG where you have to fight against the real players and the last one Standing will win. You can also team up with your freinds. There is also verious diffrent mods available which make it soo cool.

8Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat fight is First person Shooter game. This Game have miliions of Downloads on the Google Play store alone. This game is available for Windows smartphone as Well as Windows 10 computers as well. Unlike other First 2 Online games for Android in this list this Mobiel game also have Story mode as well as Campaign mode to play solo. There is also mutiplayer mod available if you prefer to play online and defeat the Others.

7Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans

In those recent Years clash of clans becomes one of the most popular Android games. In clash of clans you can build your clan and fight with others. There is other games is also available which use the exact same frame that Clash of Clans uses. You can play, Fight, Improove Defenses and attack others players clan all arround the World. It doeson’t matter You play solo or with others it always require contant internet connection.

6Mini Militia

Before the Arrival of PubG the Mini Militia is probably the Most popular online multiplayer game for Android Smartphone. Due to its Small size and Attracting features mini Militia has lot’s of users all arround the World. Not only the Graphics of this game is Good but the Gameplay which makes Mini Militia Very-very Addicting online Games for Android.

5Asphalt series

It will be not Fair to include only one Asphalt Game in this Post. From the Very long time Asphalt Series is the Industry leader of Mobile Games specially when it comes for the Racing Games. Currenly Asphalt 9 ans Asphalt 8 is very popular amongs the Users. This Game inludes diffrent diffrent kind of Cars. You can play it Single player by Racing against Ai or You can compete and beat Down the Other players online. Whichever you prefer it your choice, his game will works on the Freemium Model which means that this Game is Basically free to downlod and Play but to Download and Activate certain matterial you have to pay.

4Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat x

For Pc and Playstations the Mortal Kombat Series is always one of the top most Played game in the Fighting Zoner. The Mortal Kombat X is the First entry of Mortal Kombart for the Android Plateform. Lot’s of Other games always hasitate to show the blood and Violate scenes in there Games But this game is Diffrent. You will going to see lot’s of Guts, Blood in This game. This Game contains the Single player compaigns as well as Multiplayer Fight against the Other players all arround the World who is playing this game all arround the World.

3EA Sports Games (Mutiple Games)

EA is very big name in the Gaming world. if you are fan of The Sports games like Soccer, Boxing, Basketball
then you will find the EA’s most popular Games Madden NFL Overdrive game, FIFA Soccer, NBA Live Mobile, EA Sports UFC very addictive.

The Graphic Quality of All of the EA Games is top notch. The best thing about the Playing EA mobile games that you can Play there Games for Free but for PC you have to Purchase Games to Play.

28 Ball Pool

8 Ball pool is a Multiplayer online Pool game for Android Smartphone users. This pool and Pool table Games for Android smartphone. This is not the Action game nor it is powerful adventure Game but this Surely one of the Higest addictive Games for Android smartphone. Here in this Game you will face the other player which is playing on the same server. If you are not the Ball pool player then it will take time to master it.

1Shadow fight 3

Shadow fight is the latest addition to the shadow Fight saga after the Shadow fight 2 and Original Shadow fight browser based Game for Facebook.

Unlike its previous entry this Game needs constant Internet Connection to play.

However the Gameplay is amazing and This Also have RPG element in it. We can customize our own carracters choose from range of hundreds of weapons, Armors and Play in our own play style.

This Game is available for free to download on Google play store for Android Smartphones.

So that’s the Complete list of Best Online Games for Android Smartphone of Year 2019. If you think and other Games Should be on this list then you can mention it in The Comment section.

You suggestion and Feedback to improove this site is Welcome as well.


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