9 Best Offline Games for Android Smartphone of Year 2019


In this post i am going to show you the List of Best offline Games for Android Smartphone. Hopefully we All know that what is a Offline Game is? Offline Game is game which does not require an Active internet connection to Function Properly. In previous Article you already read about the Best online Games for Android. The Offline Games is exact opposite of the online Games. Hence it does not require an Active internet connection to work properly so We can play anytime we want anywhere we want. Whether we have an active internet Connection or not. Most important thing is that we don’t have to worry about the Time limit or Other player to spoil our Fun.

Best Offline Games for Android

Here i am going to represent the List of Best Offline Games for Android Smartphone of Year 2019.

Best Offline Games for Android

One thing that you have to Remember that this list is not in any particular order. You can choose whichever works for You or Not.

So without Wasting any time, Let’s get started.

1Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2

Temple Run is the Synonym of the Endless Running Game for Android Smartphone. In this Game there is no limit and you can play how much you wants. It does not matter how much you already played this Game always start from the Same place; The Door of a Temple. The Temple and from the Starting a Strong and very very big Monkey will try to Catch you. The Rule is simple you have to Outrun the Monkey and Survive at the All cost. In the Way you will find multiple obstacles, Boosters and Coins. You have to collect as much coin you can get while staying safe. If you die you will have to start again from the Same temple and then run again.

In a Simple sense this Game will never end , but that’s the Thing that make this game highly addictive. Here is there is no Internet Connection required.

2Minecraft : Pocket edition

MineCraft Pocket Edition

Any of Hardcore gamer knows about the MineCraft; A highly popular building and Surviving game for PC. The Minecraft Pocket edition is the mobile port of this Game. Here in this Game you can create an entire world, Building and so much other things. This game is not much immersive as the Desktop version but for an portable platform like Android this is enough to play days and Days to keep going. There is two different mods to play here; The Building Mod and Survival mod.

3Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2

Shadow fight is there from a very long time. This is one of the Best fighting Games that ever created with the RPG element in it. Here in this Game you will follow the Story of a Warrior who’s thrust to fight lead him into the Strange lands of Titan. Where he converted into to shadow, Now to gain his human form back he have to beat titan, But to reach titan he have to beat every one along the Way.

This Game have Hundreds of different weapons, Armors and Fighting style. Its not a boring slack and Slash game here your fighting style actually matter. Shadow Fight 2 is free on The Google however you can Download the Shadow fight 2 special edition ( which is paid) which is ad and Comes with the Unlimited energy to play.

4Hitman Go

Hitman Go

This Game is free, However some time The Developer make it very cheap on Special occasion. It is available fo Download on the Google Play store and you don’t need Internet to play this Game. For PC and Other major Gaming Platform Hitman Game series is Higly successfully Franchise. This is not a port of any of the Hitman Pc game but it is Amazing and Addictive in its own way.

To win the Game you need to Overcome the Obstacles and Play strategically to hit the next level.

5Badlands 2

Badlands 2

The Badlands offline Games of Android Win multiple award in the Past. The Rules of this Game is simple you have to survive as Long as you can. Here you will play as A strange looking bird which overcome the obstacles to get on the Next level.

You can play this Game offline without Any internet Connection but there is also Multiplayer feature which you can access if you wants. This Games is popular because of the Single player mod which has 100 of Unique levels.


Limbo For Andoid

Limbo is an Android mobile game which is designed beautifully and Amazingly. This Game is Beautifully designed Indie game for Android Smartphone. Here you have to Solve the puzzles and find your Lost sister in this Amazing world of limbo.

The best thing about this Game is that it is Completely offline and it does not require an Active internet Connection like other open world games. This Game is available for USD 5 (Price may differ in Your Country). This Game is not Very long and Unending but its Very addictive and Fun to Play.

7Once upon A tower

Once upon A Tower

Once upon A Tower is Fun and engaging Platform Game. In a Normal Stories and Games price is the Always the one who rescuing the Princess from the monsters. But here the Things is actually little Different. Here in once upon A tower the Prince who is supposed to save the princes is already dead. To Encase the tower princess take matter to her own hand and kicking the Butts of All monsters who are Coming in her way.

Its an Plate former Game to Complete the Game you have to cross multiple different levels which makes you thing that how big actually that tower is.

8Alto’s Adventure

alto's adventures

This is Basically a Snowboard 2d Game. Just like the Temple Run 2 this Game is Endless and you have to Cross all of the Obstacles But instead of Running here you are using Snowboard. This Game set on the Snowy Mountains and along the way you have to collect all the Reward and avoid the Obstacles in the Path.

9Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfer is another Fine addition in the Best Offline Games for Android list. This Game has millions of Download on Google Play store and Mostly positive rewies by the players who are playing this game on their mobile phone. In simple term this is Unending Running game which is based on Subway however you are not Running here you are using surfboard, Jet pack and all other reward then you will get on the way.

You can select from the Various prebuilt character (which require Coins) and Customized your Gamely as you want.

So that’s the List of Best Offline Games for Android Smartphone. Hence this list is Not complete.

If you have any other suggestion for Best Offline Games for Android Smartphone list then you can mention it in the Comment section.


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