Meta Launched In-Flight Travel Mode for Meta Quest 2 & 3

Meta just swiped a page from Apple's Vision Pro playbook and brought In-flight Travel Mode for Meta Quest 2 & 3.

Rahul Bodana
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In a surprise move on Monday, Meta announced a new feature to Apple Vision Pro in-flight entertainment: VR Travel Mode.

Available for both Quest 2 and 3 headsets, this feature allows users to enjoy movies, games, or apps while traveling by plane, even connecting to in-flight Wi-Fi or complimentary video services.

However, the catch is that any apps or games used must be able to function offline unless passengers are willing to pay for in-flight internet.

Meta claims that the mode has been specifically designed to account for the motion of the plane and will soon be extended to train travel as well.

Users can enable it through the Experimental Features section in their Quest settings, and the headset may even automatically detect when they’re on a plane and offer to activate the feature.

In addition to this exciting development, Meta has partnered with Lufthansa to provide custom mixed-reality content on Quest 3 headsets for Business Class Suite passengers.

This unique collaboration aims to elevate the in-flight entertainment experience to new heights.

Björn Becker, Head of Future Intercontinental Experience Lufthansa Group, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting how both companies are leading the way in innovation and opening a new chapter in in-flight entertainment.

While Meta’s new Travel Mode offers a glimpse into the future of travel entertainment, it remains to be seen how it will fare against Apple’s Vision Pro, which boasts similar capabilities.

Regardless, this move by Meta is sure to spark increased competition and innovation in the VR and AR space.

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