Here’s What’s new in Hogwarts Legacy June 5th Update!

The summer update for Hogwarts Legacy is here and this time it comes a lots of changes including the Sony exclusive quest Haunted Shop mission.

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A massive summer update just dropped, and trust me, it’s not your run-of-the-mill patch. First off, the “Haunted Shop” quest, once a PlayStation exclusive, is now available to everyone across all platforms.

Yep, that’s right – Xbox, PC, and Switch players, you can finally join the spooky fun. And guess what? You also get access to all those coveted exclusive items like the Onyx Hyppogriff mount, the Felix Felicis potion, and the Shopkeeper cosmetic set.

Now you can strut around Hogwarts in style with the rest of them!

But hold onto your broomsticks, folks, because there’s even more. The devs have conjured up some brand new cosmetic items to deck out your character, and they’ve even added a new broom to your collection.

Ever fancied flying around on a Lavender Borealis? Well, now you can! And for those who have a darker aesthetic, the Azkaban-themed gear might be right up your alley.

Let’s not forget the biggest addition of them all: photo mode! You can finally capture stunning shots of Hogwarts, your character, and the magical creatures you encounter.

Want a picture of yourself riding a hippogriff over the Black Lake? Go for it! Just remember, you’ll need to unlock the field guide before you can start snapping away.

The update doesn’t stop at just new content though. Ever regretted spending your talent points on a particular skill? No worries! You can now reset them and respec your character without having to start a new game. It’s like having a do-over for your Hogwarts education!

Of course, no update would be complete without a plethora of bug fixes and improvements. The devs have been hard at work squishing glitches, refining gameplay, and enhancing the overall experience.

The Hogwarts Legacy summer update has swooped in, bringing a flurry of exciting additions and fixes that’ll have you soaring back into the wizarding world on your broom (or maybe a newly unlocked Onyx Hyppogriff!).

What’s New?

  • Haunted Shop Quest for All: That PlayStation exclusive quest? It’s now open to all players across every platform! Yep, that means you can finally explore that spooky shop and grab the exclusive loot.
  • New Cosmetics & Broom: Deck out your character with the new Azkaban-themed gear or take to the skies on the brand new Lavender Borealis broom.
  • Photo Mode: Capture your magical moments in stunning detail with the much-requested photo mode. But remember, you’ll need to unlock the field guide first.
  • Talent Reset: Regret those talent choices? No worries! You can now reset and redistribute your talent points without starting a new game.

Patch Notes (Version 1218405)

Here’s a breakdown of what’s been tweaked and fixed:

  • Localization: Updated voiceovers, fixed typos, and addressed dialogue cut-offs.
  • Audio: Fixed sound effects and dialogue volume inconsistencies.
  • UI: Resolved field guide and alohomora prompt issues, as well as spell equipping glitches.
  • Gameplay: Removed misleading butterflies, fixed mission progression bugs, and resolved treasure chest accessibility issues.
  • Achievements: Corrected errors with Fountain and Bell Tower Wing flying guide page achievements.
  • NPCs: Fixed issues with Lodgok getting stuck and Professors floating in the air.
  • Avatar: Addressed clipping issues with masks and flying bugs near Keenbridge.
  • Navigation: Fixed bone cluster collision and cage door locking problems.
  • Combat: Fixed Loyalist assassin attack damage.
  • Lighting: Corrected blinding VFX and light changes during conversations.
  • Accessibility: Fixed left-handed mode issues in the Vivarium.
  • PS5: Increased dialogue volume, fixed special character keyboard display, and added missing fire VFX.
  • PC: Added Razer Chroma SDK support, updated Streamline, DLSS, FSR, XeSS, and DualSense/DualShock Controller support.

The summer update has something for everyone, whether you’re a new player or a seasoned witch or wizard. With new quests, cosmetics, photo mode, and a plethora of bug fixes, there’s never been a better time to jump back into Hogwarts Legacy.

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