Nipun Lakshya App – What it is, and How it’ll improve Student Efficiency?

If you are working as a Primary school teacher in Uttar Pradesh you might have heard about the “Nipun Lakshya App”, chances are you might have already installed this mobile application on your mobile phone.

But if you are unsure about how this app works, this article will provide you with all the necessary information about it, for example, What exactly is Nipun Nipun Lakshya App, How it is used, its features, and other important questions.

What is Nipun Lakshya App?

Nipun Lakshya App

The Nipun Lakshya App is a mobile application that has been launched by The Basic Education Department of the Government of Uttar Pradesh to help improve Student’s Efficiency.

It is a collaborative monitoring tool that is developed to assess students’ skills in basic education, including reading, comprehension, and math problem-solving skills.

This app is primarily focused on students in classes 1 to 3 and is used by Teachers and mentors.

How is it used?

This app is for teachers who are doing spot assessments of students’ skills, this can be done by selecting the UDISE code, class, and subject.

By using this mobile application teachers can assess –

  • Reading ability of students.
  • Student’s minimum reading speed (correct words per minute).
  • The writing ability of the students.
  • Ability to solve math problems.
  • How skilled kids have become so far.
  • Check in which field students need the help of their teachers or parents.

The questions which you can see in this mobile app are prepared by subject experts, which will help teachers analyze students’ efficiency and skills better.

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For assessment, teachers have to conduct a test and after completion of the test, a scorecard is displayed on the mobile screen.

Features of the Nipun Lakshya App

Considering this is an assessment tool for improving students’ skills here are a few important features this application has:

  • The app is designed for the assessment of student’s skills, making it easier for teachers to evaluate their skills and check how much their students have learned so far.
  • Once the test is conducted it provides you with a scorecard to help teachers identify areas where students need to work harder.
  • The app is simple to use and navigate, furthermore, the Department of basic education is also training teachers to use this app more effectively.
  • The app has been integrated with the Reading Along app, an app which a game-like experience to help children learn to read, and features hundreds of different stories for students.


How Nipun Bharat Abhiyan is related to the Nipun Lakshya App?

The Nipun Bharat Abhiyan is a program being implemented in district council schools to train children from Bal Vatika to class three in language and mathematics. The Nipun Lakshya App has been launched to evaluate the impact of this program on children.

Who can use the Nipun Lakshya App?

The app for skill assessment of students in classes 1 to 3. As for using this app- Mentors, teachers, and parents can use the app to assess students’ skills.

Where can I Download Nipun Lakshya App?

This app is available for Android mobile phones. Teachers can download this app from the Google play store to their Android smartphones.

What if I have a Question or Complain related to this app?

If you have any issue, question, or complaint related to this app, you can contact the developer via email at –


So overall The Nipun Lakshya App is one of the significant steps towards improving students’ skills and knowledge in basic education.

Its user-friendly features make it an effective tool for teachers, mentors, and parents to assess students’ progress.

Not only it also helps them identify in which subjects the student is good at and in which subjects they need to work harder.

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