Voyager App Not Working: Status, Fix Issues, How & When it’ll back up

Is Voyager App is not working today for you? Are you unable to login into your account and want to know how to fix those issues, How to check App status, and where will this app will be back up? then you are on the right page.

Voyager Crypto App not Working Today?

Voyager App not working: Today Status, Fix Issues, Why, How

Voyager App is one of the simplest ways to invest in the CryptoCurrency market.

This online Crypto platform provides you a simple, efficient, and most important secure way to invest in more than 60+ Crypto assets right from your mobile phone.

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New users can sign up instantly and within the time period of only three minutes, they will be able to do crypto trading.

This Application has one of the most unique features like Auto Invest, which will invest your money automatically on a predefined time frame in the currency of your choice.

It also offers 10% Interest APR and commision free trading.

Here is the list of other few important features that users will find useful in this app-

  • Users can set up their Crypto trading account instantly. Sign up for a new account, connect your bank account, Login into your newly created account, and voila! you can start investing or trading.
  • Offers you interest in the Digital CryptoCurrency you are holding. At the time of writing this post, they are offering interest on 20+ top assets.
  • Not only for trading, but you can also use it to pay to anyone who is accepting payment as a form of digital currencies.
  • Auto invest features will invest your money on automation. If you want you to want you can enable this and set the frequency to like Daily, Monthly, Weekly, Payday.
  • A portfolio monitoring tool allows you to monitor your profits. You can see your portfolio performance live using charts and graphs.

The App is available for Android and iOS App stores for you.

If you are getting some kind of errors, bugs while using this app like being unable to login, load page, intermittent connectivity issues, and more, You are in the right place.

Here we are going to talk about the causes of those issues and how can you fix those not working errors on your phone.

Why is My Voyager App not working

The Answer to this question depends on various root causes-

  • There may be bugs in the recent updates which cause issues for you.
  • Your phone is not compatible with the App.
  • The problem may be in your internet connection related.
  • There are problems directly in the Voyager Server, which causes issues for all of the users.
  • The server may be going under scheduled maintenance, however, in cases like this, they inform the users in advance.

There may be dozens of different reasons that this investment app is not working in your phone.

Most of the time, you don’t have to know the root cause, to begin with.

That’s alright because here we are trying to troubleshoot a few of the most common issues.

How to fix Voyager App issues

There are lot’s of Voyager App not working errors but we can categorize them into 3 different categories-

  1. Device-Related issues– Problem appearing only on your device.
  2. Server-related issues- There is server maintenance going on or you are facing some kind of connection problem, even you are sure there is nothing wrong with your internet.
  3. Bugs & Glitches– There may be lots of weird bugs, glitches, UI issues. They do not necessarily make the app unresponsive but they can cause you headaches.

If the problem is only in your phone then-

  1. Tap and hold the Voyager App icon.
  2. Choose App info.
  3. Click on storage uses.
  4. Now Clear out the history and data. Remember this option will reset this app and you have to log in again to your account.
  5. Reboot your phone, Open the Voyager Login Page, and login into your account.

If the issue is connectivity, server related then-

The problem is mostly related to the server. In cases like this, you can check @investvoyager.

There they will provide you more information and hopefully when they are hoping it will be fixed.

This kind of error affects most of the users, so if you are facing Voyager not working error, you are not alone.

Again there, you can do nothing if the problem is in the app itself.

If there is any kind of Bugs all you can do is inform the app developer Voyager Digital LLC and hope they will fix it in the next update.

You can write them an email –

How to Check Voyager App status

If App is not working due to Server related issues, the most commonplace to Check Voyager App status is Voyager’s Twitter page itself.

You can head over to

There you will find updates about the App.

Alternatively, if you want to you can also contact the customer’s support using the mobile app or email them at –

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When will Voyager App be back up

If the App goes under the Scheduled undergoing routine maintenance you will not only be notified when it will begin but also when it will end; at least most of the time.

But the routine maintenance is not an issue for most of the users since they usually happen in the off-hours.

But the major problem is the Server problem which happens without any warrant in advance.

Since it is not scheduled, not even developers know (Most of the time) when it will back up.

However, in case they provide you updates about what is going on.

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