Navy Federal App not Working? – Fix All Mobile Banking Issues

Some customers of Navy Federal Credit Union Bank are having a bit of difficulty lately accessing or using the mobile application.

Many of the users have recently reported that on their iOS and Android phones “Navy Federal App not working” due to persistent issues in biometric login, freezing, app randomly logging them out, and occasionally when it failed to connect to the server.

If you are amongst those users and want to know why this online banking app not working and How to troubleshoot these errors, this article will help you.

Key Highlights of Errors

Navy Federal Credit Union App

Navy Federal which is better known as Navy Federal Credit Union is a bank designed for the Navy, Army, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard personnel of the United States of America.

Just like any other Financial institution they also have their very own mobile banking application which allows a range of different functions just from the mobile phone.

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Using their app over traditional banking or even a website is a much more convenient way of carrying out transactions for customers.

However, some minor and major hiccups sometimes prevent users from using it to its full extent.

Here are a few Errors and Bugs customers have noticed in the Navy Federal Credit Union mobile app –

  • The app is not Connecting to the server.
  • Mobile Deposits are not Working.
  • A few Federal customers are having trouble while trying to login into the app.
  • The widget for checking the balance becomes non-functional after the update.
  • The application is freezing on the initial start start screen.
  • A few of the customers are having trouble making Biometric login to work, to login into this app.
  • Slow loading, Startup, and lags sometimes.

Why Navy Federal Credit Union App not working?

The reason why the Navy Federal app not working tons down to the specific error you are getting while trying to access this mobile application.

For example here are a few cases –

  • Unable to Login using Biometric Login: This issue happens because of to lack of permissions or some kind of bug in the mobile app itself.
  • The app is not Connecting to the Server: This problem happens when there is an issue with your network connection. If the Navy Federal server is down, you will face the same issue.
  • Mobile Deposit not working: There is a process and questions that customers have to follow to submit a cheque successfully. Failing in any of them might result in Mobile deposit failure.
  • Some of the features seem to be Broken: Most of the time this is a temporary server glitch. If none or almost all of the options are not working, that is most likely because their banking server might be down right now today.
  • The app is Freezing or Taking too much time to load: This happens if there is some kind of ongoing glitch or bug in the app. When the app is not perfectly optimized for the phone you are using this issue does appear.
  • Payments are not working: This is a banking issue it could result from a temporary glitch which happens sometimes.
  • App Suddenly stopped working on Phone: When this happens most of the time update is to blame. Check if you updated the app recently.

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How to Fix Navy Federal App Not Working Issues?

How to Fix Navy Federal App not Working

You can solve the ‘Navy Federal App not working’ error first by identifying the reason it’s not working in the first place which has been discussed in the previous heading.

When any error does appear, it usually throws an error code which helps you identify the issue and understand the nature of the problem.

However, you are not sure about the reason you follow this general troubleshooting guide which helps you resolve most of the common issues with this app –

General Troubleshooting to Fix Navy Federal not working

If you are sure that the Navy Federal app not working problem is not server-relate there are no bugs that cause the issue that you are facing and there is no ongoing maintenance and error only on your device.

Then you can fix the issue by Clearing out Caches and history on your mobile phone.

Here is the process that you need to follow to troubleshoot this kind of error-

  1. First Tap and hold the Navy Federal App icon until you see the setting option.
  2. Tap on the setting and navigate to the storage option.
  3. Click on Clear Data and Clear Cache (The option Label may be different on your phone).
  4. Tap on the back button on your phone and do not hit the permissions options from the menu.
  5. Allow all the permissions from the not allowed section.
  6. Reboot your phone. Open this online banking app.

Once that is done you will need to log in to the app again, so just keep your login credentials handy.

Fix the mobile App Not Connecting to the server

The Not Connecting issue is common on both the Mobile App and the websites.

If the App is unable to connect to its server, unrelated to the feature that you want to use, across all devices, it’s most likely server server-related problem.

As a customer, if you face this kind of Issue there is nothing to do but wait.

You have to wait till the problem is fixed.

If the problem is on your Device alone, then you can try out clearing Caches and data in the app setting.

Troubleshoot in case Navy Federal is Down Due to a Server issue

Using the Web Browser you can Head over to – Www.Navyfederal.Org, which is the official website and provides all of the safe and secure banking features.

Just like any other Website, this will also go Under maintenance sometimes.

Most of the time the Server Maintenance is Pre-Scheduled and customers are informed in advance.

And sometimes server-related errors appear due to some technical problems.

Sometimes it’s just an issue with particular options like being unable to log in, transfer money, etc.

Sometimes the whole website may not load for you.

However in case if you want to check whether the Navy Federal Website is Down or not, You can do it simply by checking on DownDetector.Com.

or you can reach them on their official Twitter page – @NavyFederalHelp.


Is the Navy Federal App Down Due to Server Maintenance Today?

If you see a message like – “Under Maintenance” or “Error connecting to server”, this indicates that there is some kind of issue going on with the server.

Why is my Navy Federal app not loading on my phone?

Heavy traffic to the server, an un-optimized app, an incompatible OS, or a slow connection are a few of the reasons why this online banking app may not work on your phone right now.

Why is the Navy Federal App not working on Android 11?

The Navy Federal Credit Union app is available for all Android devices that work on Android 5.0 or up. If there is a specific issue with the version like Android 11, you have to contact app support via email at –

How can I get in touch with Navy Federal customer service?

You can contact the customer support team via various means. You can drop an email, call on helpline number, or get in touch with support on Twitter.

Why is the Navy Federal app mobile deposit not working?

There are certain rules that you must adhere to when depositing a cheque using the mobile app. If for some reason some or one of those requirements isn’t met the mobile deposit will simply not work.

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Hopefully, by following each of the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this article, you’ll be able to fix the “Navy Federal app not working” issue.

We have discussed the reason that cause the majority of the problems with this mobile banking app and provided you with step-by-step troubleshooting steps.

By applying these solutions you can solve a few of the most common problems, but there are still many problems which caused either due to bugs, glitches in the server, or specifically appeared on some devices.

These kinds of problems need to be addressed by the developer.

So just in case none of the troubleshooting steps in this CnbDaily guide does not work for you then you can contact their customer support by either email or official support helpline.

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