Best Video Editing Apps on Android for Beginners (In Year 2023)

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There was a time when video editing was a skill that was supposed to be for only Professionals, Content creators, and artists, But the recent rise of social media apps like Tik Tok, Instagram, and YouTube reels give power and taste of Video making to normal people like us.

Nowadays you don’t need to spend countless hours just to learn how to shoot and edit videos; Thanks to some of the best beginner-friendly video editing apps like Inshot and Filmora Go.

This app allows you to create professional-looking videos, even without prior knowledge of video editing.

But even tho there are lots of these kinds of videos available on the Internet, not everyone knows how can they make these kinds of beautiful-looking clips and which apps they should use for editing. That’s why here in this article we are going to explore the Best Video Editing Apps in the year 2023 for your Android smartphone and tablet which is perfect for Beginners who have no prior experience in video editing.

Best Video Editing apps for Android in 2023

Best Video Editing Apps on Android for Beginners

Whether you just want to just make a slideshow family photograph, want to make an amazing video to impress your friends, or wish to go viral on the Internet by creating shorts these are a few of the Best selections of Video editing applications for your Android Smartphone –

Filmora Go

Filmora Go Video editor is presented by Wondershare, the same company behind Filmora video editing software for PC.

This mobile app is powerful video editing software that fits both advanced and beginners. So it doesn’t matter whether you are an expert video editor looking for a tool that allows you to edit video on mobile or just a novice seeking for easy to use video editor.

While Filmora mobile app is available for free for Android and iOS users, there are certain limitations if you wish to continue using it for free.

For example, the free version marks your video with a Filmora watermark which you can’t remove and some of the features are only available for paid users only.


InShot is another great mobile app that is perfect for editing or even creating videos from scratch.

For example, you might have seen lyrical videos on Instagram reels, Tik Tok or YoutTube shorts.

Using the Inshot app you can create any kind of video within just a few minutes.

Just like Filmora this one also offers both free and paid membership.

You can either subscribe for pro features which include some additional features or pay for the one-time fees.

Inshot is available for both Android and iOS smartphones.


Kinemaster is one of the oldest and yet most powerful video editor apps available for mobile phones.

If you have any experience with video editing software on a computer like Camtasia, this app’s GUI is similar to desktop video editing experience.

However, unlike Filmora go or any other Video editing app mentioned in the article, you will find this a little bit difficult to use, this is especially true for beginners.

But, if you are an experienced video editor, this app allows you lots of features that you will miss in lots of other Android video editing apps.


LumaFusion is an Award winning video editor app that was previously only available for only iOS and recently has been launched for Android phones.

While this provides a professional experience on your Android phone (which money mobile video editing apps can’t provide) this is available as paid version only.

It means if you want to use this app you have to purchase the app from the Google Play store.

It offers only one-time purchases. Another limitation is that this application is not compatible with each and every smartphone.

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VN Video Editor

If you are looking for a video editor with no watermark and yet easy to use for free, you should consider using a VN Video editor.

This app provides you with a multi-track video editor with a quick rough cut, easy-to-use beats, the ability to record high-quality voiceovers, rich text template, and many other features for free which most of the other application only offers in their pro version.

But that doesn’t mean that this app is completely free, there are some premium features you can unlock via in-app purchase while using the app.


CapCut – Video editor provided by the same company “Bytedance” who is behind Tik Tok.

So in case if you are looking for an Ideal video editor which does offer you the functionality to create viral Tik Tok, Reels, or shorts, you can use this editor for almost everything that you need in your short clips.

Other than basic video editing it also has trending effects & filters, music, sound effects, direct sharing on social media, text, and stickers.

And most important of all it also has an Auto caption feature which allows you to automate speech recognition and subtitles in your videos.


Funimate is another great easy-to-use Video Editor & Maker which does allow you text effects, keyframe effects, sleek transitions, thousands of overlays, backgrounds, and multi-layer editing and at the same time perfectly fit for beginners.

It has lots of different options, for both Pro and free users.

However, it tends to be a little bit laggy, especially if you are using this application on an Android phone with lower specs.


Our last and yet still important Begginer-friendly video editor in this list is VivaVideo.

It offers you lots of different FX effects, and background AI recognition, and edit your videos using just one click with the help of available themes in this app.

Just like any other mentioned Android video editing app in this list, you can also use this one as both video creator and video editor software on your mobile phone.

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