Gradient Celebrity Look Alike App – Find your Celebrity Twin!

Here we Are Gonna talk about the Gradient Celebrity Look Alike App. This Application is a Kind of Photo editor which makes the transition and tells you Which celebrity you Look Like.

This works on the Latest Face Detection Technology and Answers your Question about who my Celebrity Look Like. The Celebrity face match concept isn’t new, not very long ago the web Application the Popsugar twinning App was also launched.

The Popsugar twinning App also tells you which Celebrity you look like.

However, the pop sugar was working only on the Web where you What celebrity Do I look like Upload Photo. Once you upload a Photo then that will suggest to you the Celebrities and their almost Exact photos with you.

What is Gradient Celebrity Look Alike App?

This is the App that tells you to which celebrity Your face match. This is the App that tells you who you look like.

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Apart from this, There is also Another Application Clarifai Celebrity Look Alike App. However, it was not very popular Among the users. There are also Numerous Celebrity Lookalike Quizzes available online, however in my opinion they do not tell you the exact thing that you want.

Gradient Celebrity Look Alike App

So the main difference between the Popsugar celebrity look-alike App and the Gradient Celebrity App is that the Gradient Celebrity App is actually Available for Mobile Phone users as the Mobile Application. This App also Has numerous other Features as well.

So if you want the Answer to the Question that Who do I Look like App is best then I recommend the Gradient App.

Here in this post, I am going to show you the App that tells you what you Look Like, Its name is Gradient Celebrity Look Like App. This Application is Available on both Android and iOS platforms for the Users.

Here By using a celebrity Look like Mobile Application you can Check which Famous personality your Face Look Like.

This Application was First Available for the Web Application and now it is Available on Both Major Mobile Operating systems iOS and Android as An Application.

How to Download Gradient App

You can Download Gradient App for both Android And iOS Devices. The Downloading is Free for All, however, they also offer a few Paid features which can Be accessed after performing in App app Purchase. Right now they Also offering Free Trail on the Paid Service.

Here is the link for both the iOS and Android App store Download Page.

So that’s how you can Download apps on Android and iOS devices.

How to use Gradient Look Like App for Android

So if you are an Android or iOS Mobile phone user and Looking for where to Download Gradient Celebrity Look Like App for Android & iOS then you just Have to Follow the Steps Below.

  1. First, you have to Head over to the Google Play store or App store Download page. You have to Download this Application on your Smartphone.
  2. This takes the moment to start the installation process.
  3. Open the App when it is installed on your Android Mobile phone Successfully.
  4. Now once you open the App for the first time then it will Say Something like “Welcome to Gradient”, You have to tap on the Continue Button.
  5. It will guide you on How to use the App and also offers you free Trail or The Paid plans. Purchase it if you want, if not then you have to click on the Cross on the Top left corner to use it for free.
  6. Under the Who’s your Twin section, you have to Click on the “Try now” button.
  7. Now on the New Activity, it may open the Albums and Photos that are stored on your Mobile Phone. If you want to choose any photo that is already captured then you can choose from here.
  8. If you want to Capture a new Selfie by using Gradient App then you have to Tap on the Camera Icon to capture the selfie or the Photograph.
  9. Once you choose the Photo or Selfie then it will show you Which Celebrity you look Like.

This application also has other features as well like Simple photo editing and a Hair Color changer.

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This Face comparison App is one of the Coolest App which provides you the Unique functionality to perform and that’s why it become very popular on Social media sites. Everyone loves to find out who they look like. This App maybe not be on the Top notch to give you the Exact Face match but its just works.

So you should just Give it a Try.

So that’s What is Gradient Celebrity App and How you can use it to find out about your Celebrity twin. If you like this Post then Please Share it Using the Share button.

If you Have any Question Regarding this App then you can mention it in the Comment section.

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