Nationality Challenge App: Faceplay Filters, Create Instagram Reels

Wondering about the Nationality Challenge App and How to use it to Create a Nationality Challenge Filter for Instagram reels? then you are on the right page.

What is Nationallity Challenge App?

Nationality Challenge App

FacePlay is the Nationality Challenge App, available on the Google Play store to download for free.

As for the Nationality challenge, itself is a challenge going on Instagram where a person shows different outfits based on the country.

Nationality challenge Filter can be applied by the FacePlay app.

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How to Create Nationality Challenge Filter for Instagram reels

If you want to Create the Nationality Challenge filter for your Instagram reels, here is the process you have to follow:

  1. First Head over to Google Play store and Download FacePlay App.
  2. Sign-Up and Login using your Email or Facebook account.
  3. Filter out the countries and choose a countrya and all of related filter will come out.
  4. Now you would see list of all available selfie template, choose any one that you like.
  5. Capture the selfie by Tapping the Camera icon or Choose from already captured media from phone.
  6. Select free option. There is primium subscription available but you don’t need it, unless you are rich and you really want premium subscription.
  7. Once the editing successfull, Save the Video.

Once you created the video successfully you can upload it on your Instagram reels.

You can join multiple videos as one by editing and uploading them if you want.

What Exactly is Nationality Challange on Instagram?

Nationality Challenge App filter is nothing but yet another photo filter among hundreds of available filters.

What you do in the Nationality challenge is to show a person in an entirely different outfit in the country.

You can apply this filter with the help of mobile applications such as Faceplay and upload the video selfie on social media to join the trend.

More information about Faceplay trend on Instagram

Face Swapping isn’t exactly a new trend on social media.

It was around for a long time now and in this trend, there is new mobile application is going viral.

FacePlay is the Face Swap Video application available to download for free.

Recently it crossed about 10,000,000+ downloads and received over 97000+ reviews.

When you first download and open this photo editing app you will see a variety of video templates available.

In just one click you can apply the template to your video selfie.

Once the FacePlay video is generated you can share this on the social media sites like Instagram to join the trend.

However Amazing it may sound, the app itself is not very well optimized.

It received mixed reviews on the Google Play store and lots of users lately complained that it was irritatingly slow.

Also, this app is free to download but to access the full list of its features you would require a premium subscription.

The premium subscription starts from $2.49 to $29.99.

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