Hollie Guard App: How to Use, How it Work, Availability & Fix Not working?

This post guide you about How to use Hollie Guard App, How does it works, Is it available in UK, USA, Canada, United States, Ireland, and can you Fix not working error.

Hollie guard app Review

Hollie Guard App How to use

You may already hear and probably tried many personal safety apps in the past.

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The personal safety apps, are the apps that are designed in the way so in case of any emergency while you need assistance alert your contacts and police so you can be safe.

You can call those apps the panic button app since it allows you to send a pre-formatted message to the contact you choose beforehand along with your location.

Those personal safety apps are not only designed to alert the close ones that you are in danger but also your location so they can act upon it and make sure you are safe.

In case of emergency, we barely had time to format a message or unlock our phone then go to phonebook and search for contact and dial.

Hitting a panic button (In most of the cases power button) sends an alert imidently.

Hollie Guard is just another of those panic button applications that will help you to protect yourself against any kind of violence or accident while you are in no condition to call directly.

If you are worried about your safety, then you can download this app on your phone.

It is available on the Google Play store for Android, and for iOS, you can install it from the Apple App Store.

How to use Hollie guard app: How does it work?

Just like any other Personal safety app, it allows you to send messages and alerts in case of emergency.

Here is what this app will do for you-

  • It will automatically record audio and video evidence on your phone. This evidence will send to your emergency contact as well as stored in your device, in case if you need it in the future for reference.
  • Unlike other panic button app, here there are multiple ways you can raise an alarm. You can choose that during the setup.
  • The premium subscription Hollie Guard extra is available for professional alert monitoring and advances features.

To use Hollie Guard App app, you have to download it on your smartphone and then-

  1. Open the app and Login or create an account.
  2. You will see different types of triggers to send alerts, Choose the one which you think will be easy or fits best in your case.
  3. Choose the contacts to whom you want to send alerts in case of emergency.
  4. Set the alert sending, GPS Sending, and Video sending settings.

Use the even trigger when you feel unsafe.

Is Hollie Guard app available in the USA, Canada, UK, or Ireland?

If you thinking that this app works in your country Is Hollie guard app available in the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, or any other country.

Then let me tell you yes, it works in any place as long as your phone has a proper network connection.

Since this app only informs the contact that you have chosen, there is no third-party service that will bard you to access this app.

As long as you can download this app from App stores, you would be able to use it.

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Hollie guard not working?

Is Hollie Guard App not working on your phone?

Here is what you can do to fix it.

  1. Make sure that you’d have followed the right steps and set up the right trigger while setting this app.
  2. There are multiple triggers for raising an alert like phone shaking, a panic button, a Time trigger, or a journey trigger.
  3. Make sure to test the app is working fine before the actual uses.
  4. To send video and your location, this app needed Network, Location, Recording, Storage, and other permission. Make sure that you provide it all.
  5. If the problem is related to loading issues then you can try clearing app caches and history.

If you still having issues you can contact customer care by mail for more info at info@hollieguard.com.

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