Namo app hindi download – How to?

Rahul Bodana
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I this post i am Going to show you about the namo app hindi download. Namo app is the app of the Prime minister of India and now this Android mobile application is available in hindi for those users who wants to get information about the verius Goverment schemes.

Here is in this post i am Going to show you the step by step procedure to Namo App hindi Download.

How Namo App hindi Download ?

Namo App Hindi as well as in any English and other languages is available on the Google play store for all android mobile phones.

Use this link it will redirect you to Google play store. Tap to install Button to start the installation process.

Note: The namo App is the same for the English version as well as for hindi. In case you want to use this app in Hindi then you have to Follow the additional steps as well.

Once You install the Namo Android app in your Mobile phone. Then please head over to phone’s setting and tap on the Language & Translation.

Add hindi and set it as your Phone’s language if you haven’t already. Now you are Ready to use namo App hindi.

If you any further Question about Namo App hindi Download then You can Mention it in the Comment section.

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