PS5 Invite Link not working? Get a working email Invite to buy PS5

Here in this post, we are going to discuss PS5 invite link not working, how to get an email invite to buy Play Station 5, and more.

PS5 Invite Link not working

Play Station 5 is the latest generation console launched by sony almost a year ago.

But still, after all this time this one is still not available to buy easily whenever you want.

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Due to limited stock, you can’t buy PS5 online directly as easily as picking up a new smartphone.

And whenever they come in stock, if they come they go out of stock within a few minutes.

The same is for the offline stores if it is even available in the local stores near your location.

This issue persists and continues to persist as per one prediction till the year 2024.

However, with an even limited amount of stock sony come up with an idea that can sure the availability of PS5 one per user.

The PS5 Invite link registration allows you to register for the product and they will send you an invite link when it will be in stock again.

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How to get an email invite for ps5

Getting an invite link to purchase the latest Play Station 5 console isn’t a very complex process.

All you need to do is head over to the PlayStation official website and sign in using your Playstation ID.

If you didn’t have a play station id you can also sign up for a new Sign-in ID.

Here is how to get an email invite for PS5-

  1. First Head over to this website –
  2. Under Sign-in to register, sign in using your Play Station ID.
  3. If you don’t have a Play station account afraid not, you can create it within a few minutes only.
  4. Once you signed in using your Play Station ID, you will see a blue button labeled ‘Register Now.
  5. Once you hit the ‘Register Now button, a message ‘Thank you for registering will be displayed.

When the sale will be live you will receive an invite email to your registered email address.

Playstation Direct link not working

Some users who are registered for the invite link are having issues when they click on the link that they have received in the invite mail.

One of those highly common issues is-

“We cannot direct you to the requested web page at this time please try again error”

That’s it, that is all you will see with no other explanation or anything.

There could be any number of reasons behind this error-

  • There is a large number of users trying to access the page. It could be due to heavy traffic.
  • Most of the product is already booked and got out of stock. Remember stock is limited and the volume of users who want to buy this product is quite high.
  • They might not have an exact number of units available as many people invited hence they might bare some users to access the page.

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I am getting We cannot direct you to the requested web page at this time please try again error.

This could be due to the high server load. This happens when a website is under heavy traffic. If lots of users try to access the same web page at the same time this error will appear.

Why I am Locked out of PS5 Invite?

If you send too many invites in a very short time you can be locked out of it. Amazon is trying to supply one PS5 for one user.

I Followed the PS5 Invite link but it is showing out of stock.

If you see an “Out of stock” message that could mean only one thing, that It is out of stock.

Why it’s so hard to get Play station 5?

There are multiple factors are in the play here. The major issue is supply chain shortage. There is high demand and supply is very low. Until Sony release it high stock issue will persist.

How long does it take to get a PS5 Invite?

Once you register for the invite on Amazon you can receive an invite email within 72 hours.

Is PS5 invite guaranteed a purchase?

Registering for invites doesn’t guarantee you’ll receive an invite email nor does it guarantee you’ll be able to purchase a PS5 console if you are invited.

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