Call of Duty Mobile: PS5 Controller not working – Fix for PS4 & PS5

Is the Call of Duty Mobile PS5 Controller not working on your phone? This issue can be fixed easily. You can check this guide for possible reasons for issues and how to fix these issues.

If you COD mobile player, you might already know that you can Connect a PS5 Controller to a Phone for Call of Duty gameplay.

Cod mobile is not only designed for touchscreen support but you can use other PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Core controllers too for an enhanced gameplay experience.

But sometimes it’s not easy as just plug and plays.

Sometimes, for some players, this would not work as expected.

Call of Duty Mobile PS5 Controller not working

Call of Duty mobile supports PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Core controller.

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If already have a gaming console controller there is no need to buy any other gaming controller to play this game on your mobile phone.

However, you do need a connection that allows you to connect (in our case) the PS5 controller to our Android or iOS phone or Tablet.

Once you connect the PS5 Controller to your Android or iOS mobile phone, the next obvious step would be to launch the Call of Duty game and start playing.

However, for some users; this seems to be not easy as that.

After connecting PS or PS4 Controller it seems to be not working for the Gameplay.

If you are also having the misfortune of the controller not working properly with COD mobile, this post is to help you fix this issue.

How to Fix the COD mobile PS4 or PS5 controller not working?

There are some reasons why PS4 or PS5 controllers not working on COD mobile games and what you can do to fix these issues-

Is the Controller option turned on in COD?

After you successfully connect your PS4 or PS5 Controller to your mobile you also need to enable controller support in Call of duty mobile settings.

In COD settings > Scroll all the way to the right > Tap on Settings under Controller tap and Enable controller supports.

Know the Limitations

PS4 or PS5 controller will work for COD mobile, sure. But don’t expect it to work like works on your Play Station.

There are some buttons that would simply not work and there is nothing we can do about it.

Check for interference

The Wireless Playstation controller might be not working due to Interference.

Sometimes Wi-Fi or other connected Bluetooth devices can be the reason behind it.

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Forget the device & reconnect

Forgetting the DualSense controller from the Bluetooth setting and reconnecting might helps to fix some unknown errors.

Don’t forget to disable and enable controller support as well in COD controller settings.

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