Zen Match App not Working? – Freezing, Crashing, and Reset

Is the Zen Match app not Working and it keeps freezing continuously during gameplay or crashing during start or loading? This guide contains step-by-step instructions on how to reset this relaxing puzzle game and fix various different errors related to it.

How to Fix Zen Max App not working?

Fix Zen Match app not working issue

There are many kinds of games available on the App store for your Android or iOS phones.

Whether you prefer Fighting games, Online games that you can play with your friends, Action-adventure games to play alone on your own, or puzzle games to sharpen your mind and thinking skills.

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You can choose from thousands upon thousands of games in every genre or category.

The Game; Zen match, which we are talking about here is a Puzzle game that helps you relieve stress, and train your brain with different puzzles.

This is a tile-matching game that works sort of like mah-jongg games.

If you are a fan of puzzle games, there is no doubt that you have already come of this kind of mobile game before.

That all sounds fun right? 

It was, It is, for most of the time or at least recently since There are some players who are having Zen Match app not working issues during gameplay.

Issues such as Crashing, Freezing, and not loading after viewing ads are pretty common.

If you are having any of these problems with this game, this guide will help you fix these problems easily.

Zen Match app keeps Freezing continuously

Zen Match is Freezing on Some devices.

There are many reasons why the app might freeze on your Android or iOS phone.

Some of these reasons are insufficient memory, too many apps running in the background, phone overheating, or an error in the network connection.

Here is what you can do to Unfreeze this game –

  1. Press the home button on your phone and navigate back to your phone’s main screen.
  2. Tap on the button to see all opened apps and close all of them.
  3. Check and ensure that there is no issue with your Internet connection.
  4. If any other app with Overlay permission (usually a game optimization tool) interfering with this app turn that off. Or at least disable that for the Zen match.
  5. Reboot your phone.
  6. Open this game again and see stuck loading or freezing issue is resolved.
  7. Make sure your phone is not overheating, this could also freeze apps and games on your phone.

Zen Match App keeps Crashing

Crashing usually happens after viewing the ad that appears in between on this game.

Another time when this game is crashing is on the startup.

This happens when there are some compatibility issues between the app and your device.

It could be also the result of other apps such as Game optimization applications interfering with this app.

Sometimes Zen match could crash as a result of denying the required permits needed for this game to function properly.

How Can I reset the Zen match Relaxing Puzzle Game?

When Zen Match not working due to corrupted app data or a glitch related to your phone resetting it would be the best option to fix the problem.

Sometimes in addition to resetting the app itself, Players want to reset their gaming profile as well so they can start from scratch.

Here we are going to talk about how to achieve both of these goals –

Reset the game to default (no profile reset)


This option is if you are having any issues related to cache or corrupted app data.

This will not reset your progress, since it will be linked to your game profile.

Just like resetting any other app tap and hold the app icon > app info > storage > clear data and clear cache.

Open the app again and you can log in in the app again.

Reset your Game profile and Data

Once you finish this game in its entirety, there is nothing else to do.

Lots of players when they finish a game, they want to start again from level 1.

Almost every available PC game and some mobile games will allow you to start a new game whenever you want.

This game doesn’t have this option.

However, you can still start fresh gameplay but not with the same profile.

Here is how to get a “Blank slate” –

  1. Clear the app data and cache data by following the steps mentioned above.
  2. Uninstall the Zen Match relaxin puzzle game from your device.
  3. Now head over to the Google Play store (for iOS it’s the app store) and install this game again.
  4. This time you have to sign-up using a different gaming profile.

Once you logged in using a different profile you can start this game anew.

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Zen Match Help & Support

There are issues that you can fix on your own and there are some issues that require the developer’s attention (if they are not already aware of them).

When following the troubleshooting guide doesn’t work for you you can always try to contact the app developer for support.

Here is how you can contact GoodJobGames (Developers) online –

  • Support email – zenmatch@goodjobgames.com.
  • Official Website – Goodjobgames.Com.

If you have questions when the Zen match app not working you can simply drop an email at the support email listed here.

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