How to Fix Sackboy A Big Adventure Not Launching on PC

Sackboy: A Big Adventure Game is now finally available for PC Gamers.

However, it is not without Random crashes, in-game issues, error loading, or missing DirectX Issue.

For those who are getting not launching issues, this guide helps you find possible solutions.

Sackboy A Big Adventure Not Launching

Sackboy: A big adventure is an online multiplayer Co-op game, which was released recently for PC.

The game was already available for the Play Station console but has recently been published for PC users.

You may already know that you can install it from Steam or Epic game store.

Just like any other Game with the latest release come lots of bugs, issues, crashes, and frustration.

Players who are playing this game recently encountered an error where Sackboy A Big Adventure Not Launching.

This is a common issue that happens due to various reasons.

If you are unable to launch this game on your PC, This post is for you.

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How to fix Sackboy A Big Adventure Not Launching

Here is the Troubleshooting guide that you have to follow to fix Sackboy A Big Adventure Not Launching –

Install C++ Redistributable files

Every game requires C++ Redistributable files to run properly on your PC.

Chances are it is already installed on your Windows PC but if not you can get the latest update from this page.

Run the Game directly from steam

Try running the Game game directly from the steam game library page.

Most of the time it would work.

Verify Game files

Sometimes Antivirus or any other software might delete a game file from your system.

Verifying game integrity checks would ensure that all of the files are present.

To Verify your steam game navigate to Steam > Library > Sackboy A Big Adventure > Right-click and choose properties.

Click on local files and click on the “Verify integrity of game files” button there.

Run the Game in Admin mode

If there any other software is interfering with the game, Running the game in Admin mode might fix the problem.

Right-click on the Game Icon on your Desktop (Shift + Righ click if you using windows 11)

Delete Game save file

If the game was working properly, just recently, this might be an issue related to corrupted game save file.

Just copy and make a local backup of your saved file and Delete all of the saved files.

If the game loads perfectly after that corrupted save file was the reason.

If not, store save files in their original location.

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