CarX Drift Racing Online not working? – Multiplayer, Server, Loading & Unknown Error

Recently a large number of players have noted that CarX Drift Racing Online not working properly. Issues such as multiplayer, the game stuck at loading, the server being down, and some unknown errors have been reported.

If you are also having an issue while playing this game online, you are at the right place.

Here we are going to talk about All of these issues and how to fix them in no time.

How to Fix CarX Drift Racing Online not working

How to Fix CarX Drift Racing Online not working

CarX Drift Racing Online is a multiplayer game available for Gaming PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Android phones.

While this game from consoles to phones is a little bit different, one aspect of this game is the same across all platforms – It’s about the car, and it’s a multiplayer game.

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But this post is not about reviewing this game and how it works.

But it is more about How to Fix CarX Drift Racing Online not working errors.

Is CarX Drift Racing Online Multiplayer Not working?

CarX drift Racing is an Online game and its main attraction is its multiplayer functionality.

And when multiplayer itself does not work, it is really frustrating for players.

Fortunately, this doesn’t happen a lot but sometimes multiple on CarX drift might not work for you.

Why is multiplayer not working?

When this happens it could happen due to one of the following reasons –

  • Difficulty from server – If there is an issue with the Gaming server, the game would not work for you.
  • Network connection issues – The issue might be from your end, especially due to a slow or no Internet connection.
  • No match available – The whole concept of multiplayer is to play or compete against other play. If there is not enough player at that moment, it will take a lot more time.

How to Fix Carx Drift Racing Multiplayer not working?

The resolution of the error very well depends on the reason behind it.

For example, if the problem is happening due to Internet connection speed, you can try to switch to another network.

Sometimes your network firewall might block the game DNS, so make sure that you check that as well.

If there is an error on one server you can try a different one, if available for you.

Sometimes the issue might be just temporary or sometimes, it’s for all the player and affect game servers.

If the server is down, you have to wait until the developer confirms the issue is fixed.

CarX drift Racing is Stuck on the loading screen

Game stuck on the loading screen or freezing during gameplay is a common error not only in CarX drift Racing but even in some popular AAA games as well.

This issue most likely happens due to low memory or too many background apps.

When your memory (RAM) of your gaming system (That may be for Consoles or PC) your game might freeze or sometimes stuck at the loading screen.

A few other reasons include graphic card issues, low storage, and antivirus interference with game files.

Getting an Unknown Error message

You will get an Unknown error, Unknown server error, or 503 when trying to join lobbies or during gameplay.

This Reddit thread suggested that this error is linked with it having to do something with Wi-Fi filtering and your network firewall.

If that happens to make sure that the firewall is not blocking this game, or the DNS of game servers.

If you are using Parent filtering, make sure to add an exception for DNS for this game.

You can main CarX-online at – Support@CarX-Tech.Com.

Technical support is also available from WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, and Instagram from the official number – +7 929 007 33 00.

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CarX Drift Racing Online Controller not working?

This Game can be played by either gaming controllers or by keyboard and mouse.

On PC if you can play with the controller by just plugging on or connecting your gaming controller Wirelessly.

For Gaming consoles such as PS4, PS5, or Xbox there are no other steps needed since the controller is the default way to play games.

The mobile version also supports a controller as well, but do make sure that you switched to the controller before launching a new game from the game settings.

If your gaming Controller not working with CarX Drift Racing Online, here are a few steps you can take to fix the issue –

Did you Switch to Gamepad controls?

CarX drift on some platforms requires you to switch the gaming input profile, manually.

Once you connected the controller, make sure that it is using Cont

Check for Hardware related issues

The first thing you have to check when your Controller is not working is there issue with the controller itself.

It could be a low battery, interruption by other wireless connections, hardware defect, and a few other issues.

The first step is just to make sure, it is not due to one of these reasons.

Update the Gamepad or its drivers

Your gaming consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 4 keep sending you updates and that includes your controller as well.

A lack of updates might cause the issues.

The same thing to PC, to use a Gaming controller on your Gaming PC you need to update the driver for that specific controller type to the latest available version.

Reconnect the controller and relaunch game

Sometimes glitches happen only for a short time period.

What you can do is exit the game, remove the controller, reboot your gaming system and reconnect the controller.

Once you are sure the controller is working properly you can launch the game again.

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How to check CarX Drift Racing Online Server Status

Just like the large majority of other Oline multiplayer games, the issue here is most of the time linked with the game servers.

If the Servers aren’t up and properly running properly, the player would certainly face issues during their online gameplay.

But there are a few ways you can check server status on Carx drift Racing.

Here are a few ways you can check Server status online easily –

Keep eye on the Maintenance update 

If the server is going under some maintenance, developers usually inform players beforehand. 

Check CarX team social pages, steam event page, and website to know about any ongoing or upcoming updates.

Contact other players

There are certain gaming forums where you can contact your fellow gamer and confirm if they are facing the same issues. 

If yes, it’s likely a server issue. 

Contact Developer

Developers provide some mode of communication for you to contact them if you have any issues with this game. 

You can contact the CarX support team and ask if there is an ongoing server-related issue is going on right now that causing CarX drift Racing Online not working errors.

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